CNN Stoops To A Whole New Low…Claims NYC Terror Suspect Yelled Out…

I’ve been over and over this ground already, but it’s worth saying one more time: CNN is Fake News.

We can recap, if you wish. There’s CNN’s cringeworthy coverage of Hurricane Harvey. There’s CNN’s incredible lack of knowledge regarding basic Christian customs. There’s CNN…well, just being CNN, in an endless quest to pursue ratings, without any regard for the truth.

Of course, it wouldn’t be CNN if they didn’t hit rock bottom…and then ask for a shovel.

So it’s fitting that today’s CNN headline avoids the words ‘Allahu Akbar’ by suggesting the NYC terror suspect yelled ‘God is Great’ in Arabic.

Of course, CNN. Because the American public doesn’t know what ‘Allahu Akbar’ means, or what it implies.

True Conservatives Everywhere report:

The list goes on…and on. People are furious about this.

And right they should be. Because CNN’s headline is an insult to their intelligence, and deliberately obscures one thing the liberal left would desperately like to go away: that the NYC attacker is a radical Muslim terrorist.

Which is the one thing that lib groups like CNN pretend don’t exist.

The truly insidious part about CNN’s reporting is that they can claim that they’re not Fake News because – wait for it – what they reported was technically true.

And it was. ‘Allahu Akbar’ does mean ‘God is Great’ in Arabic.

But – and this is very important – ‘technically correct’ usually means ‘generally incorrect and false’ when it comes to reporting.

Consider Trump’s claims of Obama ‘wiretapping’ Trump tower during the election. Was Obama actually ‘wiretapping’ Trump tower? No. Almost no one actually wiretaps anymore.

But was he listening in on Trump as Trump ran for president? Yes. Unequivocally, yes. Donald Trump’s ‘wiretapping’ accusation was technically incorrect, but generally correct.

And if you wanted to ignore the reality of the situation, you’d probably focus on the technicalities. Just like CNN is doing.

Because, what better way to avoid the question of a radical Muslim terrorist than to technically report correctly on the issue, but in such a way as to make people not think of terrorism?

After all, if I see ‘Allahu Akbar,’ I think ‘terrorist.’ If I see ‘God is Great,’ I don’t necessarily think ‘terrorist.’ CNN is manipulating its viewers.

And a majority of conservative Americans just aren’t buying it.

Source: A Lot of Angry Conservatives

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