Grandma Faces 4 Years In Prison For Catching Refugees Doing 2 Disturbing Things

Nobody expected this kind of fallout from the refugee crisis in Europe. Except for, you know, everyone that was against it.

When EU nations welcomed millions of undocumented and unvetted strangers into their nations, conservatives and many citizens were quick to protest. The massive influx of people — even at the best of times — was sure to cause chaos and confusion in their cities and communities.

Worse than that, these Middle Eastern and African migrants refused to assimilate to the customs and practices of their new homes. Most have not gotten jobs or paid back the many government benefits they were given.

Even worse, many of these refugees act aggressively towards their new neighbors, creating violent environments for private citizens, police, and even postal workers.

Yet European governments refuse to acknowledge their mistake. In fact, they are quick to protect the refugees and punish their own citizens!

Such was the case when an elderly woman dared to criticize the behavior of some of the refugees in her home town.

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From Mad World News:

According to online newspaper Fria Tider, a 70-year-old Swedish retiree has been charged with “incitement to racial hatred” for simply stating the truth that Muslim migrants are “setting fire to cars and urinating and defecating on the streets.”

The elderly pensioner is on trial for a federal hate crime after she merely commented on Facebook about asylum seekers torching vehicles and using public spaces as their bathroom, which has been documented many times for the world to see…

According to Breitbart, the woman was brought to court, which seeks to punish her for “expressing a disparaging view of refugees.” The prosecution claims that the statements were “derogatory” but doesn’t dare admit that they are accurate.

The woman admitted that she wrote the post but boldly denies any wrongdoing and has demanded her right to free speech. She refuses to apologize for her statement as it is both true and unbiased. She now faces a maximum sentence of 4 years in prison.

If you feel like you’re taking crazy pills, you’re not alone. This woman is being prosecuted for simply speaking her mind.

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That may seem like a bizarre thing in the United States, where historically we’ve had protected free speech. But in many European countries the idea of saying whatever you want is a fantasy. Strict “hate crime” laws have all but destroyed this fundamental freedom. Lawyers and activists use these laws to censor and oppress the views of everyday citizens.

They are very much living in Orwell’s 1984. That book described a society where your very thoughts could get you into trouble. That is where Europe is headed. That is also where America is headed, if hate speech advocates have their way.

In their mad passion to protect one group, liberals are literally attacking an old lady. Hopefully this grandma will get justice and free speech will be upheld in Sweden.

But regardless, all of us must fight to protect our rights.

Source: Mad World News

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