Look What Democrats Want To Give Away To Terrorists’ Families

If you think terrorism is the only way radical Muslims are seeking to destroy America, think again.

While groups like ISIS want to destroy us through violence, there are other Muslims that want to overthrow America from the inside out.

These very traditional, conservative Muslims frequently take advantage of the freedoms America provides for them, but do not believe those same freedoms apply to other citizens. We’ve seen Muslims attack Americans for disagreeing with them, or vilify a restaurant for loving bacon.

But believe it or not, some of these hostile figures are gaining influence in our government. Conservative Muslims are being elected to public office in largely liberal districts. I guess the democrats who vote for them are too politically correct to realize these Muslims seek to reinvent the United States, in Islam’s image.

If you need proof that these legislators are putting Sharia law above U.S. law, you just have to visit Minnesota. There one Muslims lawmaker wants to protect terrorists, even after they die.

Amid challenges, Rep. Ilhan Omar finds success as first-year lawmaker

From Conservative Tribune:

A Somali Muslim state representative from Minneapolis made news last week when she was one of only two legislators in Minnesota’s lower house to vote against a bill to limit life insurance payouts to suspected terrorists.

Ilhan Omar — the first Somali-American elected to a state legislature anywhere in America, according to the Minnesota Daily — cast her vote against HF1397, which was introduced in response to the San Bernardino, California, terrorist attack in 2015.

Before that attack, terrorist Syed Farook took out $275,000 of policies he made sure were valid before he and his wife went on a rampage that killed 14 and wounded 22.

Upon Farook’s death in a police shootout, his mother unbelievably sought to collect on the policies. That’s the loophole that HF1397 was trying to close.

Terrorists “should not be able to provide for heirs or whoever (they) want by increasing (their) life insurance policy,” said Republican Rep. Joe Hoppe, the bill’s sponsor. Most of Minnesota’s lower chamber agreed, overwhelmingly passing HF1397 by a margin of 127-2.

Imagine the audacity of the situation. A terrorist plans to kill as many Americans as they can. On top of that, they expect to get paid for the act!

Knowing they will most likely die for their attack against the United States, terrorists try to get money for their families through life insurance policies. That is adding insult to an already huge injury.

This law is an obvious step in preventing enemies of American to profit off of their crimes. Yet this one Muslim lawmaker voted against it.

Hmm, I wonder why that could be? Perhaps her loyalty to Islam or Sharia law — or perhaps radical terrorists — is greater than her loyalty to the United States Constitution. It’s certainly greater than her loyalty to the many victims of terror.

The only other lawmaker to vote with her against the bill was, surprise, another democrat. I just don’t understand how liberals seem to always work and vote against American citizens. They seem dead set at undermining and destroying our very way of life.

A real solution to this growing problem? Vote these hacks out of office.

Everyone that elected Omar needs to take hard look at their choices and decide to make better ones. We need lawmakers that care about American citizens first and won’t use politics as a cover to protect terrorists.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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