You Won’t Believe Who The Feds Just Caught Spying For Hezbollah!?

Daily we learn about new threats facing the United States.

Our law enforcement have to contend with numerous enemies from around the world. It is their vigilance which keeps us safe and prevents large scale attacks.

So we’re happy to report that the Justice Department just apprehended two criminals who were working to undermine our nation, for years.

From Daily Caller:

The Justice Department on Thursday announced the arrest of two naturalized U.S. citizens who worked as spies for Hezbollah, the Islamist terrorist group based in Lebanon.

One of the men, Samer el Debek, was allegedly trained as a bomb maker for Islamic Jihad Organization (IJO), Hezbollah’s international terrorism and counter-surveillance component.

El Debek, 37, was arrested last week near his home in Dearborn, Mich. Ali Kourani, 32, was also arrested last week in the Bronx, where he resides.

Both face charges of providing material support to Hezbollah, which the U.S. designated a terrorist group in 1997 for its attacks against Israelis.

Both these men worked as spies for IJO. They had traveled to Lebanon over a period of years to receive training in firearms and explosives. Not to mention the use of surveillance equipment.

It’s clear from their training what they were going to do. Using surveillance methods, el Debek was looking for a vulnerable spot—perhaps somewhere in a major city. Then using his skills as a bomb maker, he would have planted a device set to cause mass casualties.

With the ease by which both men traveled to the Middle East, they could have been planning attacks in both the United States and Israel. Had the president’s travel ban been put into action, they would have had a harder time. The real shocker is for how long they’ve been preparing.

El Debek had been working for Hezbollah since 2007. Yet only now, after ten years of training and preparation, have the Feds arrested him.

Imagine what damage he could have caused, had law enforcement not caught him.

This stands as a reminder that dangerous people are regularly seeking ways to destroy us. Our leaders must be vigilant in keeping Americans safe.

Source: Daily Caller

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