DHS Issues Statement About Huge Mistake,”We Were Wrong About Russia Targeting…

If there’s been one major hindrance to Donald Trump doing his job, it’s Robert Mueller, and the scores of liberal idiot-minions that have enabled him.

Because, apparently, the adult way to respond to an elected official is to accuse him of being a plant for a hostile country. Hence, the liberal Russia investigation.

Problem is, no one in the Mainstream Media admits when they’re wrong. Even when Homeland Security comes right out and admits ‘we were wrong.’

Because Russia didn’t target quite as many state voting systems as the Left had previously claimed.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Department of Homeland Security was wrong when it told both California and Wisconsin that Russian hackers had tried to hack their election website and registration files.

The DHS notified 21 states that Russian-linked individuals had tried to target either voter registration files or public election sites. The DHS is now claiming that these hackers targeted the California Department of Technology and the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

There’s something here to consider, and it’s not flattering for the conspiracy-laden liberals who keep screaming ‘Russia!’ every time Trump tries to do something good.

And the thing to consider? Well, even in the best of guesses, Russian hackers didn’t alter votes when they tried to target voting areas last November.

That, in fact, would be an act of war. So whoever was behind the hacks, it’s a good bet they knew a bit about the law.

But the common assumption has been that they got as close as they could to hacking votes, and then just stopped short of hacking votes…while doing everything they could to sow confusion in the voting process. At least, that’s what the left assumed.

They may be wrong about that.

Because how do you mix up the Department of Technology and the Department of Workforce Development with…voting departments?

That’s a pretty serious mix-up. I mean, could these guys even read?

Officials, of course, were typically apologetic, and vague.

“The work of our intelligence agencies is critical in defending against cyber threats. I remain committed to a partnership with DHS, [but] elections officials and the American public expect and deserve timely and accurate information,” California Secretary of State Alex Padilla said in a statement Wednesday.

In other words, ‘hey, here’s the corrected version…I’m still doing my job here, but I thought you should know we were totally wrong about some things.’

I wonder when libs will finally admit they were wrong about the legitimacy of the election of Trump.

Source: Daily Caller

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