Delusional Democrat Tries To Speak For All Congressmen, One Bold Texas Representative Shuts Him Up

One of the most aggravating things about Democrats is how they claim to represent entire people groups…and then go on to make decisions for those same groups.

Nothing is more off-putting than hearing a liberal talk about ‘the black experience,’ ‘the Latino experience,’ or what it’s like to be lower class and poor.

‘Absolutely, Mr. Liberal, you know exactly what it’s like to be all these people. Also, they’re all the same, and none of them have a unique experience.’

It’s the most off-putting, silently racist thing imaginable.

And they do it all the time.

Apparently, it’s not just something libs do with whole ethnic groups. Sometimes they even do it to themselves. Speaking for ‘all Congressmen’ is an easy way to sneak something bad past the American people.

After all, if ‘all Congressmen want something,’ or ‘all Congressmen respect someone,’ you’ll be less likely to question it.

Given the current state of Robert Mueller’s investigation against Trump, I can see why Dems would be eager to sneak Mueller’s competence past the American people.

There’s no easier way to do that than by claiming that ‘everyone respects Mueller.’

Except Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas.

He doesn’t.

And he said so, loud and clear.

The Independent Journal Review reports:

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Rep. Louie Gohmert made a point of clarifying that he wasn’t among those who respected special counsel Robert Mueller.

 [Democrat] Steve Cohen told Rod Rosenstein that everyone on the House Judiciary Committee respected Mueller.

Gohmert leaned in before interjecting, “I don’t.”

Gohmert, who also said “I didn’t,” seemed to indicate that the didn’t support Mueller’s appointment as FBI director either.

God bless Southern bluntness. Because sometimes no one will hear the Truth, unless you just volunteer it.

Let’s be clear about what happened, too – a Democrat’s attempts to make sure Mueller’s job is safe just got the smackdown from a conservative Texan.

Congress has been mulling over whether or not to back Trump if he wants to fire Mueller. There’s good reasons for wanting him pulled off the case – including a worried connection to the Uranium One deal that implicates Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats, of course, want to keep Mueller at all costs. And they’re ready to defend him with everything they’ve got. Even if it’s lies.

Even if it’s the ‘everyone respects him’ lie.

But I don’t respect him.

Neither does Louie Gohmert.

Neither does most of conservative America.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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