Liberal MSNBC anchorman clueless about facts. Gets destroyed on Live TV – Then quits the interview

Most of us became conservatives because of one thing – facts.

When you base your views on facts, and other solely on “feelings,” you run into some big differences.

And that’s an incredibly frustrating thing for liberals pushing an agenda.

Debating a lib? That’s difficult.

It’s not that you’d have trouble with the facts. You’d have trouble keeping the frustrated lib in the room long enough to hear those facts.

Most of them turn and run when the conversation’s not going their way.

Luckily for us, the advantage of television is that it doesn’t let someone just run away from an argument. You’re stuck there, like it or not, until the interview ends or until you humiliate yourself by walking away.

And if you’re the host of the show?

Well, you can’t just walk away.

In related news, liberal news anchor Ali Velshi was utterly annihilated on live television by a more well-informed Republican. All because Velshi was pushing the lib net neutrality agenda.

Facts won, again.

The Daily Caller reports:

MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi got absolutely destroyed during an interview Thursday with former FCC commissioner Robert McDowell about net neutrality.

Velshi got increasingly frustrated throughout the interview, even getting angry at his guest at one point for citing the laws that govern internet regulation.

See? There it is – give facts to a liberal, and their first instinct is to turn and run.

And Robert McDowell had quite a few facts.

“The Federal Trade Commission Act, the Clayton Act and the Sherman Act – those are three very powerful federal statutes that kept the internet open and free prior to [net neutrality].”

“What Title II [net neutrality] has done, in the wireless space anyway, is reduce investment in the past two years by 18 percent. We need about $300 billion over the next decade to build out [5G] networks and the 1,000 requirements of Title II has created tremendous uncertainty.”

In short, it’s not about slowing your internet down. It’s about investing in a much, much faster internet.

How this was missed by libs in the whole net neutrality debate is baffling to me.

It’s a moot point now, anyways, given that Trump won this particular battle. Title II is being phased out. And I’ve no doubt it’s due to the usual command of facts that most conservatives have of complex issues. Thank God.

It’s fun to watch the frustrated libs, though.

“I just feel like we’re having a really unfair conversation here,” Velshi whined.

It is. He has facts, and you don’t.

Source: Daily Caller

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