They Just Got Caught Wasting $20 Million And Are Heading To Supreme Court

While Trump’s administration catches drug dealers, illegal immigrants, and finally supports cops across the nation, another group of criminals is still quietly stealing money. And, sadly, there’s nothing we can really do about it.

The racket these guys run is really astonishing – they collect money from hardworking Americans on a regular basis. Then, they use that money to vote for Democratic politicians that will keep supporting them.

And that collected money? It’s a forced collection. Those hardworking Americans don’t have a choice – they have to give that money away.

It’s the mob, quite frankly. And the good news? Their power is finally being challenged in the courts.

The bad news? Unions never go down without a fight. And we are definitely talking about unions.

The Free Beacon reports:

One of the nation’s most influential labor unions spent $20 million more on politics than it did representing the interests of its members in 2016.

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees spent $55.3 million on “political activities and lobbying” in 2016 compared to the $36.4 million in expenditures related to “representational activities,” such as contract negotiations and grievance managements for its membership.

Mind you, spending more on lobbying than you do on your own members is bad enough. But you have to see exactly what they were spending on to really appreciate just how corrupt this is.

AFSCME’s political spending is now at the center of a case that is likely heading to the Supreme Court, and top union officials are attempting to rally support from liberal activists to defend its ability to collect dues payments from workers.

That’s right – AFSCME is spending its members’ cash on political lobbying, to make sure that it wins a case that will give it…the right to forcibly collect its members’ cash.

Which it can then use – I’m not making this up – on more lobbying.

In fact, union Democrats basically say this out loud themselves.

Naomi Walker, a former Obama administration appointee who now serves as assistant to AFSCME, said that [a pending Supreme Court case] could undermine political operations that assist the Democratic Party.

Here’s the details:

The suit seeks to overturn the 1977 Supreme Court decision that allowed state and local government agencies to require public sector workers to pay union dues as a condition of employment.

If the court overturns [the case} and allows government workers to opt out of union memberships, dues, and fees, Walker wrote, it could divert funding away from political operations.

“The progressive infrastructure in this country…will crumble. We need the entire labor and progressive movements to stand with us and fight for us. We may not survive without it.”

In short, ‘come save us, because the courts are about to take away our right to take your money, and spend it on people who will keep giving us the right to take your money!’

Best example of idiotic hypocrisy I’ve ever seen.

Source: Washington Free Beacon


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