Look Who Was Just Arrested In A U.S. Sanctuary City After Literally Murdering Hundreds Of Innocent People

Libs and the press have pushed back hard against the idea of a border wall, and better border security. They may want to rethink that.

Fact is, liberals, if you’re going to refuse border security, you’re going to have to admit sometime that you’ve let in some dangerous criminals. Criminals that, mind you, prey on innocent immigrants, just as much as they do natural-born US citizens.

And today’s proof? A mass murderer was arrested in a sanctuary city – a man responsible for killing not one, two, or dozens of people, but an entire town.

An entire Mexican town, mind you. And yet he still thought he was safer in the states.

The Daily Wire reports:

A kidnapper in the Los Zetas Mexican Cartel was arrested in Chicago and extradited to Mexico where he faces over two-dozen kidnapping charges and is linked to a horrifying massacre in the Mexican state of Coahuila.

U.S. law enforcement officials arrested Juan Rafael “El Cubano” Arredondo Oviedo at an immigration court in Chicago which is an official “sanctuary city.”

If the name isn’t familiar, don’t worry. Only a few people recognize it. See, the massacre in Coahuila was under-reported in the Mainstream Media. No surprise there.

So let me fill you in.

Arredondo faces 28 kidnapping charges in Mexico where authorities linked him to a chilling massacre in Coahuila in 2011, where over 300 people were kidnapped, killed, cut into pieces, and incinerated in ovens: The order was simple — kill anyone related, associated or that in anyway had contact with Villanueva or Garza Gaytan.

Garza Gaytán and Moreno Villanueva used to be associates of the Los Zetas carter. They made one of the bravest and most dangerous mistakes any cartel member can make: they decided to turn on their criminal friends, and give reports to the authorities. US authorities, to be precise.

And in revenge, Zetas entered Coahuila and systematically killed, dismembered, and burned every single person with the last name Villanueva or Gaytán.

It was hundreds of people. And don’t make the mistake of thinking that the ‘300’ number is accurate. That’s the Mexican government’s number – it’s the number of people the Mexican government could verify.

Which means, of course, that the real number is that much higher.

Well, one of those guys just got caught in Chicago.

Anyone want to tell me a good reason why we shouldn’t have a wall?

Source: Daily Wire


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