Americans Can’t Believe What May Be Completely Banned By 2040

If there’s one thing you should give the left credit for, it’s patience. When liberals want to change the country, they don’t do it all at once. They spread it out, sometimes over an entire generation.

And they’re willing to infiltrate schools, government, and much of the American workforce to accomplish this. They can do anything they want, given enough time and no resistance.

It’s how we have this absurd Global Warming myth, one which has cost the US and Europe billions of dollars. No matter how much the Right might protest, or demand real science, there’s simply too many libs in places of influence to do much good.

And conservatives aren’t going to rally the way they should until libs push us too far…because conservatives, as a rule, have a very long fuse.

But if you take away all cars, and ban them completely?

Well, then you might have finally rallied us to defend ourselves. And men and women in Europe are working on doing that very thing.

The Daily Caller reports:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel signaled support for Britain’s plan to ban all internal combustion vehicles Sunday, although she asked European leaders in July to stifle their criticisms of diesel-powered cars.

Germany must fall in line with the rest of Europe as countries work on banning new diesel cars from the roads, Merkel told reporters. “I don’t want to name an exact year,” Merkel said, but she did note that their plans to eliminate gas-powered cars by 2040 “were the right approach.”

Read that again, if you must. The cradle of Western Civilization is thinking about banning cars. It’s a move that will certainly put Europeans back into the financial Dark Ages.

And at least one European thinks the same thing, and she’s trying her best to save her own country from this horrendous decision. Bet you probably never thought you would be siding with Angela Merkel.

The chancellor has often warned against demonizing diesel motors — diesel motors emit less CO2 and are therefore more environmentally-friendly but of course we need to work honestly and of course we continue to look for other solutions.”

Merkel isn’t dumb. She knows that fossil fuels keep her country going. And no politician wants an economic recession.

It’s super hard to get reelected that way. In fact, it’s probably why she picked such a late date to fulfill the ban.

Because by that time, she’ll be long gone and retired.

Source: Daily Caller

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