You Won’t Believe Who Was Given Access To Tunnels Under This Major Government Building!?

No matter how many people die, liberals never seem to understand the threat that radical Islam poses to the rest of the world. Even to the point of granting those radicals access to important government buildings.

Not here, mind you – our nation can be senseless, but not quite that senseless. I mean, sure, the Democrats will allow jihadist hackers to work for them – that’s pretty bad.

But allowing a jihadist access to the London subway tunnels? A jihadist that once starred in a documentary about jihadists?

I…wow. But it happened.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

More details have been revealed from Saturday’s terrorist attack that rocked London — and they are frightening. The attack killed eight people but it appears the situation could have been even worse.

According to British news reports, the tragic attack could have caused even more deaths, because of the access one of the terrorists had to the London subway system, known as the Tubes.

The suspected ringleader of the attack, Khuram Butt, 27, had special access to the London subway tunnels under the British parliament due to his job working at Westminster station.

London’s subway system, like most subway systems around the world, is one of the worst possible places for a typical terrorist attack. If it’s a lone gunman or a jihadist with a knife, the subway makes it hard for people to escape.

And if the jihadist has a bomb, we’re talking about a monumental death toll.

Khuram Butt worked in the London subway system for six months before he attacked innocents on London Bridge. Had he attacked in the subway system, the death toll would have been much higher than 8.

Still, it gets worse. Because no government can watch all of its citizens, all of the time. But the British government really should have been watching Butt. He was famous, after all.

In 2016, Butt even appeared in a television documentary called “The Jihadis Next Door,” about radical Islam in the United Kingdom.

We’re not talking about a quiet loner, who never tells anyone he wants to fight for ISIS. This guy was on TV.

Again, on TV. And he was still given a job in the London subway system.

Thank God for Trump’s common sense.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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