Millennials Declare Her The 6th Most Beautiful Woman In The World?! We’re Not Talking About Melania…

Barf. Had to get that out right away.

There are a lot of reasons for us to be worried about the next generation.

Millennials in their late teens and early twenties are subjected to a variety of bad influences. I’m not talking rap music and drugs; I’m talking about college.

Universities and college campuses around the country have infantilized our young people through safe spaces and “trigger” warnings.

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They have taught the next generation of leaders that if you disagree with someone, you should run and hide from them. That you need to protect yourself from anything or anyone that might hurt your feelings.

Even toddlers are tougher than modern college students.

But it only gets worse. Many Millennials have been so indoctrinated by toxic, liberal dogma, that they can’t view anything without the stain of politics.

From the clothes they wear to the food they eat, even to the movies they see, they cannot enjoy life unless it’s drenched in the cynical, hate-brewing ideology of liberalism.

Now it seems politics are even poisoning their ability to see. Clearly.

From Clash Daily:

A website that purports to be a content creator for millennials is claiming that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is the sixth most beautiful woman on planet earth.

Yes. You read that sentence correctly. The woman who resembles a velociraptor in a wig is being touted by a garbage millennial website called “Buzznet” … as a regular Helen of Troy. —The Federalist

Not that the site could be accused of being political at all, right? Pay no attention to the inclusion of Michelle Obama and Oprah, and the exclusion of any prominent beautiful women on the Right.

But doesn’t it strain credulity to think the sixth most beautiful woman on a planet they could find of more than Seven Billion people just happens to be their Disgraced-and-Humiliated Hillary Clinton?

She’s got a zillion dollars and she’s STILL not aging gracefully…

Yikes. I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Even when she was at her best, Hillary was hardly a sight to behold. Not that the pantsuits and mannish haircuts helped at all.

Honestly, even the most devoted Hillary zombies never considered her a beauty. They may have admired her accomplishments as a politician, or her bold and stubborn leadership style, or perhaps her ability to blame everyone but herself — but never her “beauty.”

This is so bizarre it borders on the comical. I know most pop culture blogs are pointless and clickbaity wastes of time, but really?

Does anyone with half a brain honestly think Clinton deserves to be on any list (aside from “The Most Evil People To Run For President”)?

The alleged author of the article is called “HollywoodBuzz.” Even they refuse to give their real name and face for this pathetic excuse for an article.

Most likely it’s a lesbian feminist soldier, whose taste in beauty cannot be considered “empirical.”

Obviously democrats are still reeling from their titanic loss in November and pathetic articles like this are their way of licking the wound. But even if we were to take it seriously, we’d still have to reject their claim that Hillary is beautiful.

But it’s not because she is a woman in her 60’s and hasn’t aged well. It’s because beauty is not skin deep.

It’s about the inner qualities that make a woman attractive. Her personality, her charm and grace, her ability to make others respect and cherish her.

Hillary’s got none of that.

So keep lying to yourself, Millennials. Maybe your kids will come to the light. But until then, we might have to write off this generation entirely.

Source: Clash Daily

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