Shock Report: He’s Paying For Hillary’s Crimes…The Clintons Are Laughing All The Way Home!

Anyone who’s not a complete idiot knows that Hillary Clinton broke the law, unfairly escaped prosecution, and hid evidence of much more serious crimes. Now, it seems, Obama knows it, too.

Barack Obama, in direct violation of his own promise to be ‘transparent,’ has punished more whistleblowers than any other president in history – apparently, telling the truth is something you can do only if it helps the Democrats. But there are exceptions, most notably Hillary and General David Petraeus, that escaped Obama’s wrath. Their leaks of classified information only led to sham investigations and pardons from a Justice Department that quite obviously didn’t care.

Well, that sort of behavior can’t last long – eventually, the public needs to see someone punished. And Obama’s finally found his scapegoat – General James Cartwright. And, unfortunately for us, he’s a good guy.

The Washington Post reports: “the FBI’s unprecedented release of documents related to its Clinton investigation shows the Bureau is keenly aware of the public criticism of Comey’s decision not to recommend any charges. And the mere fact that Clinton had the State Department, along with an army of lawyers, negotiating with the FBI over the investigation shows that the playing field is not even for the targets of such investigations.”

Let’s recap – Hillary is off, scot-free. Cartwright is not. Hillary has an army of lawyers and criminals at her beck and call. Cartwright does not. Hillary gets away. Cartwright is investigated.

Cartwright is a marine, and has served his country with bravery and honor for several decades. His ‘crime,’ if you can call it that, came from the best of motives – he gave reporters classified information in an attempt to protect classified information. Really.

In a nutshell, American and Israeli hackers had developed a computer virus that would mess with the inner workings of Iran’s nuclear plants. Reporters got wind of it, and decided to publish what they knew. Now, good reporters are a picky lot, and don’t like to publish things they haven’t verified. So, Cartwright verified it for them, but only so that they wouldn’t publish everything else they knew. It was a trade-off – I’ll be your source for this first batch of info, and you don’t publish the rest.

Which, forgive me, is just patriotic.

Cartwright is facing jail time, and a felony. And he did far less than Clinton – he just didn’t have the corrupt insider resources to fight back.


Source: Washington Post

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