When This 14 Year Old Stole Some Candy, She Could Never Imagine What Happened Next

Millennials are spoiled. But the generation after them is even worse.

Want proof? Millennials will watch this video, and probably be outraged. ‘This is what happens when someone steals candy? Sweet lord in heaven!’

The next generation? They’re in the video, stealing candy. And, somehow, what happens next surprises them.

Mad World News reports:

A shocking video has emerged featuring two WinCo loss prevention employees apprehending a 14-year-old girl after she stole candy from the store. Now, the girl is being charged for her crime, but the two employees have caught the attention of millions of people on social media, who are outraged with the way that they brutally handled the girl, and it was all caught on video.

Now, I’ve got a knee-jerk reaction to seeing these kinds of internet videos. And it goes like this: ‘what happened right before, or after someone started filming?’

It’s a reaction that grew out of watching dozens of ‘police brutality!’ videos, all in the early days of Black Lives Matter. Each video is designed to make a cop look bad. Each makes the wrong impression. Each one lies.

Nine times out of ten, viral videos are Fake News.

So when I see a young girl tackled for stealing candy on the internet, my gut tells me one thing: wait and see. Or, if you have to, side with the attackers.

And, lo and behold, I was right.

The store released their own statement, and it fills in the gaps.

While in our store, the individual concealed items and left the store without paying. The individual was then approached by WinCo Foods’ loss prevention employees, who identified themselves as such. As our employees questioned the individual, she…initiated contact by physically attacking multiple employees. All of this occurred immediately before the footage started in the video posted on social media.

WinCo Foods immediately called the Vancouver Police Department, who responded quickly, and subsequently arrested the individual for robbery.

Aaaaaaand there it is. The burglar was attacking the employees.

Of course, that part’s not in the video, so everyone assumed the employees were monsters.

Don’t fall for Fake News, folks. Even if it’s just about a Vancouver teen.

Source: Mad World News


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