Man Starts To Steal Package Off Front Porch, Instantly Realizes He Picked The Wrong House To Rob

Criminals don’t take a break during the holidays.

In fact, they become even more emboldened when they come across what they view as an easy mark.

The world of online shopping has made things a whole lot easier for all of us – including criminals.

While common sense suggests we should all be on our best behavior this time of the year to avoid being placed on the naughty list, there are plenty of folks out there that could care less about that.

Packages are left on porches by overwhelmed delivery drivers, and those that aren’t home at the time they are delivered have to hope and pray that they’re still there when they arrive home.

One homeowner from Washington didn’t want to be bothered with those worries any longer, so he came up with a way to deal with thieves that had been targeting the home.   

Mad Worlds News shares the scoop.

After repeatedly stealing packages from the same homeowner in Tacoma, Washington, a thug believed that he had it made. The overconfident thief decided to go back for more when he spotted yet another package at the front door. However, things would soon backfire as he saw the gift that the homeowner had left behind.

Although no one likes their things to get stolen, it seems that it happens more often than it should. However, one homeowner had been victimized one too many times by package thieves and decided to take matters into his own hands. In fact, this particular homeowner was so fed-up with losing their shipped items that they set up a few surveillance cameras and left out the “special gift” for the next unsuspecting thug.

The thief saw an easy mark, and he wasn’t going to let that opportunity pass him by.

He soon received a clear sign that he needs to reexamine his life choices.

When he put his hands on the box and went to lift it up, he was greeted by a large bang. Obviously startled, the thug jumped away, proving just how cowardly that he actually is. Instead of grabbing the package, the scared thug then quickly made his getaway without his desired prize.

Come to find out, it wasn’t any ordinary package. The fed-up homeowner had actually rigged up a “bait box” for the thug to steal. The box is set-up to explode mere seconds after a thief tries to take it. This was the perfect revenge for someone who doesn’t respect the property of others.

It’s a small victory over the heartless thugs of the world, who think absolutely nothing of disrupting another’s festive spirit while acting on their criminal instincts.

In a perfect world, this amusing little scene will act as a deterrent for the package-stealers of the world – or at least lead to them thinking twice before taking things that are not theirs.  

We’re going to assume the thug in the below video is in that category right about now.


Source: Mad World News


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