Epic: Veteran Goes Up Against Liberal Starbucks With Huge Vow…US Military Goes Wild!

With the historic election of Donald Trump, numerous celebrities, politicians, activists, and companies have come out against him.

Even though as leader of the free world, Trump holds the fate of many of these people in his hands, they feel the need to spew their hatred of him and his supporters across the Internet.

It is especially foolish for companies to do so, as they run the risk of alienating the millions of Americans who voted for and are rooting for Trump’s success in the White House.

As president, they are effectively insulting the country, showing a shocking lack of patriotism and respect for our democracy.

This is especially true of liberal Starbucks.

This self-righteous company famous for selling over-priced, high calorie, drinks have announced they are hiring 10,000 refugees as an act of defiance over President Trump’s recent temporary halt on Syrian refugees.

It seems this company is trying hard to not only undermine the Commander in Chief, but to insult its customers and the hard-working Americans who work at their stores.

They are also insulting the many millions who are out of work, including veterans.

Well it looks like people are fighting back.

From Right Wing News:

THE BLACK RIFLE COFFEE COMPANY which is a veteran-owned coffee company took notice of the garbage happening and in response had something pretty epic to say.

As you’d assume from their pro-2A stance, the company has conservative leanings.

Following Starbuck’s announcement about their refugee hiring plan, Black Rifle announced on a social media channel, “Black Rifle Coffee Vows to Hire 10,000 Veterans.”

While BRCC is unlikely to have a need for 10,000 new employees this year, the commitment to hiring veterans is not new and has been a bedrock of their hiring practices since Evan founded the company, “Black Rifle Coffee has [always] vowed to hire Veterans and Patriots, we didn’t adopt this vow on the heels of anything to drive a bullsh*t touchy feely false sales projection!”

It’s shocking to think that Starbucks would go out of their way to hire strangers to this country, while neglecting the many Americans — including veterans — in need of good-paying jobs.

This kind of shot across the bow towards Trump’s administration will not go unanswered by American customers.

We’ve seen Starbucks take a decidedly liberal stance in recent, removing Christmas designs from their cups, employing racist Black Lives Matters baristas (who spit in cops’ coffee), and now this.

How long until they complete eradicate any goodwill they have left with conservative customers — or any for that matter?

Hopefully Black Rifle Coffee will get the word out over this initative, and business will boom.

Source: Right Wing News

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