Everyone Is Talking About What Trump Did To Hillary’s White House Portrait

Hillary Clinton has plenty of reasons to be whiney and furious these days, but this one is by far the best reason I’ve seen.

Mind you, all the reasons she has to be angry? They should make the rest of us happy. Trump is busy fixing the mess she and Obama made in Syria.

He’s winning back the trust and respect of America’s military. He’s standing up to the UN, and to Russia.

He’s also restoring dignity to the White House, and inviting politicians and celebrities who don’t spend all their time bashing America. Or rapping about killing cops. And this should make everyone happy.

But having those true Americans pose with a portrait of Hillary? That, it seems – and not the systematic undoing of her criminal enterprises and political failings – is just too much for liberals.

But it’s just fantastic for the rest of us.

Freedom Daily reports:

The White House is filled with historical pieces and artifacts that represent our nation’s history, but perhaps none are so rightfully controversial and repulsive as the image of the failed Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Her portrait there is ironic given her loss to Donald Trump who now has a new reason to laugh as he walks past her picture in a house he has control of, instead of her.

[Trump] hosted a trifecta of conservative badasses and liberal enemies, who at some time during their visit decided to help Trump disgrace his former competitor in a way that’s infuriating liberal idiots everywhere.

Mind you, this ‘infuriating’ picture? It’s just three top-tier conservatives smiling in front of Hillary – Sarah Palin, Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent. That’s it.

No obscene gestures, no signs with curse words, no vulgarity. Nothing that liberals or Democrats would do. Just three conservatives smiling.

And this is what Hillary and liberals are fuming about. Every time I think I’m never going to be surprised at how stupid liberal anger can be…well, I’m still surprised.

Leftists everywhere decided to spend valuable time denouncing a picture with no nudity and nothing offensive whatsoever.

It’s a telling difference between liberals and conservatives – libs spent all day whining about a photo. But Palin, Rock, and Nugent discussed ways to fix the country.

Whiners, and workers. That about sums it up.

Source: Freedom Daily

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