World War II Vet Gets The Surprise Of His Life When Two Cops Show Up At His Front Door

A Texas veteran discovered two life-altering facts last week. One of them probably saved his life.

The first? Texas gets hot. Real, real hot. In truth, he probably knew that already. And in his case, it was much worse – this veteran is 95 years old, and his air conditioner was broken.

The second? If you need help, and aren’t sure where to find it, call 911.

Because cops are always there to help, with anything. Even if it’s fixing an air conditioner.

MSN reports:

With temperatures topping 90 degrees in Fort Worth, Texas, last week, residents without air conditioning certainly had a lot to complain about, especially 95-year-old Julius Hatley.

But Hatley made the best of his situation, sitting on his porch in the shade to keep cool. He even continued his yard work, despite the unbearable heat.

On Thursday, the 95-year-old’s luck took a turn.

Drenched in sweat, the man called the Fort Worth Police Department to report his broken air conditioner.

It should probably be said that, under normal circumstances, the police wouldn’t show up to your house to fix your AC. For several reasons, the biggest being that they probably don’t know how to do it.

But this was an elderly WWII vet, and he clearly didn’t know to whom to turn. So the cops, ready to protect and serve, got to work.

[Officer William Margolis] couldn’t shake the image of the elderly man sitting in his home in the sweltering heat, so he decided to make a pit stop at Home Depot and Weir agreed.

The officers asked employees for help finding a good air conditioning unit, explaining Hatley’s situation in the process.

The Home Depot workers were so touched by the officers’ kind gesture, they offered to pitch in their own money, too.

The officers’ kindness has multiplied. People everywhere around Fort Worth have heard, and are pitching in to help their elderly neighbor.

“Since the story was [first shared], we have all worked on getting his central air replaced and a company came forward to do so, completely for free,” [said Jennifer Weir, wife of officer Christopher Weir.]

“We are also currently working on getting his windows replaced, his house repainted and groceries every week.”

Texas knows how to honor its vets.

And, it seems, how to keep them comfortable.

Source: MSN

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