Guess Which Gov. Leader Is Speaking Out About A ‘Very Disturbing Voice Mail’ He Received?

Our leaders have a tough job.

While we often complain about their decisions, the fact remains politicians shoulder huge burdens. They have to make decisions that will affect the very lives of American citizens. They have to debate, argue and come to compromises on critical issues.

If they do a poor job, they face losing their office. Imagine having to fight for your job every four years. It’s a stressful prospect.

But on top of that challenge, our leaders deal with the ongoing abuse from the public. You may love your president or senators, but I bet there are many in your town that do not. They have no problem expressing their disgust in open forums.

Sometimes they go too far. Angry citizens, even dangerous people, go after a leader’s family. Instead of voicing their political opinions properly, they target the most important people in a leader’s life.

This happened recently, when a prominent republican’s wife got a troubling voice mail message.

From Free Beacon:

Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) told the Anti-Defamation League on Tuesday that his wife recently got a “very disturbing” voice mail from a stranger, and the lawmaker stressed that crimes against all different types of people merit urgent attention.

Rubio did not elaborate on the specifics of the threat against Jeanette Rubio, but he said it was “chilling” and delivered with an eerie calmness, according to the Tamp Bay Times.

“And the most disturbing part of his voice mail … was the calmness in which that hateful message was delivered,” Rubio said at the Mayflower hotel.

“I’m not saying it would have been better. I’m saying it would have probably been less chilling if the person who left that voice mail was angry and screaming and using profanity. This person was making this argument as if it was a legitimate and credible political thought.”

Rest assured, if there is any credible danger from the voicemail, law enforcement are already investigating.

Our country protects citizens’ right to free speech. But we are not free to harass strangers. Nor are we free to make disturbing threats to public figures or their families.

This is the kind of thing our leaders face on a daily basis. They can strive to do the best job they can, but there will always be people unsatisfied. Some of those people can be dangerous.

While Rubio declined to describe just what the message said, it was likely an attack on his politics and race.

Be sure to reach out to your elected officials from time to time. Express your concerns and interests, but always make sure you are respectful and constructive. That’s the only way we can strengthen our nation.

Source: Free Beacon

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