Trump WINS! Makes JAW DROPPING Move To Give It ALL Away…Liberals RUSH To Stop Him!

The anti-Trump establishment Left isn’t going to be happy until President Donald has lost everything, from his office to his businesses to his respect.

And they’ll stop at nothing to achieve that goal.

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Fortunately for them, Trump is meeting them halfway, and giving up his salary. Unfortunately for them, he’s giving it to charity. Kind of hard to disrespect a man who helps those in need.

You may recall that one of Trump’s campaign promises was to give up his annual salary to those in need. Presidents make $400,000 a year – not as a necessity, of course, but as a Congressional order.

That sum is considerably higher nowadays than it used to be – by comparison, George Washington’s starting salary was – wait for it – $25,000.

It’s been raised a lot since then, mostly by none other than William Jefferson Clinton. Apparently, greed runs in the family.

Trump, of course, is rich beyond imagination. He doesn’t need the money.

But where Obama might spend the cash on extra golfing trips, vacations to Hawaii, or vacations to Martha’s Vineyard, Trump – who knows the value of a taxpayer dollar – has chosen something else entirely.

Why not just give the money away?

The Daily Mail reports:

Press Secretary Sean Spicer today said President Trump remained committed to donating his salary to charity, but would wait to do so until the ‘end of the year.’

“And he has kindly asked that you all determine where that goes,” Spicer said, motioning to the White House press corps.

Now, there’s something just…especially brilliant about this.

Follow me here – the Mainstream Media and lying press have been looking for a reason to destroy Trump and his administration, from Day One.

Actually, quite a long time before that – from the moment Trump announced his candidacy.

So you just know these guys are going to find a huge problem with whatever charity Trump gives the money to.

They already spend all their time attacking Trump. It’s not much of a stretch to see them attacking charities, too.

But having a pool of reporters choose the charity is a brilliant move – after all, if there’s a problem with the charity, but the reporters themselves chose it, they can’t really go after Trump anymore.

It’s their problem.

Which, I suppose, pretty much guarantees that the money will go to those in need without any fuss, and without any b*tching from reporters. Which was probably Trump’s plan all along.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Trump is a good, good man.

And a smart one.

Source: DailyMail

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