Trump Loses Patience With Swamp, Starts Venting And Yells Out “I Hate…

We’ve all been there. When stress levels rise during particularly rough patches, we may behave in a manner that we’re not too proud of in hindsight.

Of course, the overwhelming majority of us are fortunate enough to be able to do that without worrying about the fact that it will be shared with the world.

President Donald Trump is not as fortunate. The White House continues to have as many leaks as a rusty pipe in the Niagara Falls region, and the gossip mills are constantly churning out the latest tidbits on who said what to whom.  

The Washington Examiner shares another of those infamous tidbits.

President Trump has yelled in the White House that he hates everyone there, and his former chief strategist Steve Bannon has told people Trump has just a 30 percent chance of finishing his four-year term, according to a new report.

Half a dozen top GOP lawmakers and White House advisers describe Trump as “unstable,” “losing a step” and “unraveling” in recent weeks, according to Vanity Fair.

Two people said that while venting one day, Trump yelled at longtime security guard Keith Schiller, “I hate everyone in the White House! There are a few exceptions, but I hate them!

So why does it seem like the commander-in-chief has a rather large bee in his bonnet at the moment?

We can come up with about two dozen reasons without giving it too much thought, but this one is said to be really sticking in his craw.   

A pivotal moment for Trump happened in early September, when Alabama voters selected outsider, Roy Moore, as the GOP nominee for a Senate special election over Trump’s preferred candidate, acting Sen. Luther Strange.

“Alabama was a huge blow to his psyche,” a person close to Trump said. “He saw the cult of personality was broken.”

It could be as simple as that, but we have a feeling there’s a bit more at play here.

The presidency is stressful enough as it is, but the unprecedented negativity towards the Trump administration from the opposing party and the mainstream press certainly seems like something that could wear you down at certain times.

Add in the fact that there’s an inordinate amount of leaks among those employed in the government that are apparently big fans of receiving attention from the press, and we can understand the frustration.

Leaks are not a new phenomenon by any means, but it’s bordering on the ridiculous in the Trump era. There are actually outlets out there – cough, NBC, cough – that will spend an entire week discussing something that may or may not have been said.   

For a small sense of solace, the commander-in-chief can rest assured that there are plenty of folks out there that do nothing but roll their eyes at the modern day interpretation of what constitutes news.

Source: Washington Examiner

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