WHOA! Paul Ryan’s Secret Motive Exposed — He’s Trying To Separate Trump From…

Never forget how Donald Trump defeated all rivals to become our president.

At a time when millions of Americans were sick of the establishment, when both parties represented corruption and insider games, an outsider appeared to challenge the system.

Donald Trump won over American voters — including states that hadn’t voted for republicans in decades — because he defied the status quo and promised to upturn the Washington system.

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Even among republicans he wasn’t popular. Many conservatives loved him and gave him their full support, but a group of NeverTrumpers within the GOP worked tirelessly against him.

They recognized Trump as a threat to their comfortable situations and tried to stop him.

Even though they failed, there are still enemies in the camp. Established D.C. republicans really don’t support President Trump’s vision for America. They’d rather have an insider in the White House, who will protect the special interests of big donors and foreign powers.

So it comes as no surprise that one of biggest insiders — a notable GOP — is working to destroy Trump’s administration.

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From Conservative Tribune:

In an interview with The Daily Caller, Fox News commentator Todd Starnes warned President Donald Trump about close association with House Speaker Paul Ryan, saying cooperation with the party establishment could erode the president’s base.

Starnes, a self-described “deplorable” who also says he’s a “gun-totin’, Bible-clingin’, chicken-eatin’ son of a Baptist,” gave the interview while he was in Washington, D.C., to give a speech to the Family Research Council.

When asked what the president needed to do “in the first hundred days or beyond” to make America great again, Starnes said that turning to the party establishment for support was the wrong decision.

“Well, if Donald Trump wants to make America great again, he is going to have to remember who brought him to the big dance,” Starnes said.

“He needs to understand the Freedom Caucus. They’re not the enemy here. He needs to be very careful about partnering with establishment Republicans.”

It’s no surprise that one of Trump’s biggest promises — to repeal and replace Obamacare — failed before it could get a vote. That was largely to do with the fact that it was Paul Ryan‘s plan, of which many claimed it was too much like Obama’s.

Such an unpopular bill failed before it could reach the House floor, upsetting the many Americans relying on reforms to health care. While Trump is still promising a replacement, we might have to wait much longer.

That doesn’t help him with his many supporters. The insider games of established republicans torpedoed one of his most important goals. A strong sign that such leaders as Paul Ryan are actually working against the President’s success.

We have to remember that Ryan — while claiming to be a strong conservative — often played buddy-buddy with Obama. He seemed to back Obama’s terrible immigration plans.

Even during the primaries there were rumors that Ryan would work with NeverTrumpers to deny Trump the nomination — even if he earned the right number of delegates.

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We can’t ignore the reality that there are long-standing republicans in D.C. that still oppose Trump. His plan to drain the swamp and bring much-needed reform threatens people like McCain, Graham, and Ryan.

They might lose support from big donors should Trump be successful. So they are doing whatever it takes to stop him.

The best thing for Trump to do is recognize their agenda and defy them. Thankfully, he’s very good at that.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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