Exposed: Liberal’s Stunning Assassination Threat To Trump Revealed…Americans Are Furious!

Liberals are like the weaker, meaner kid on the elementary school playground – sure, he acts tough, and he keeps starting fights, but once a real one begins, he runs away and cries for the teachers.

(Conservatives, if you were wondering, are the sheepdogs who finally offer to fight the liberal bully.)

In not unrelated news, liberals are, again, running from a fight they started. It would be funny, if it weren’t so sad. Liberal Media Regurgitator – and British GQ correspondent – Rupert Meyers decided yesterday to make a joke about murdering Donald Trump, the president-elect. And then he quickly deleted it, as if no one would notice.

Even liberals are abandoning Rupert. Sweet justice, indeed.

With all of the Fake News surrounding Trump, it’s refreshing to see even true Obama supporters defend Trump during heated online exchanges.

And to Rupert Meyers, good sir: you’re an idiot. Please don’t be stupid.


Source: Twitchy

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