Food Stamp Queens Everywhere Just Got Some REALLY Bad News From The President

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – welfare fraud is a real problem. And Donald Trump may be the only one with a real solution.

We’ve reported on the countless instances of fraud and abuse of welfare before. It’s not difficult – all you need is a knack for paperwork, and half a brain, and you’re ready to abuse the welfare system for (maybe!) several million dollars.

(Oh, and you need hundreds of people willing to exchange food stamps for drugs and money. Which…check! You actually have.)

It’s hard to fix a system this broken. You need a businessman’s mind, and a businessman’s leadership and guts. Because reforming something like this requires a really bold move, right from the start.

In related news, Trump just eliminated one in four food stamp users, saving America 25% of the cost of the program. And in one swift move, too.

(Businessmen. Can’t go wrong.)

The Daily Dot reports:

President Donald Trump’s coming budget plan proposes a massive 25 percent cut in food stamps.

The plan is part of the 2018 budget blueprint for Congress, set for publication on Tuesday. Trump’s aim is to balance the federal budget within 10 years with the implementation of cuts to assistance to low-income families, Medicaid, farm subsidies, and federal pensions.

Now, if you heard nothing else in that paragraph, I hope you at least heard ‘balance the budget.’ Because that’s probably the most responsible thing I’ve heard from a politician in the last two decades. Ever.

But it gets better.

The cut to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program comes as part of a wider so-called welfare reform initiative worth $274 billion over the next decade.

Read it again if you want. $274 billion over ten years.

That’s enough to build several hundred walls. Or hire several hundred thousand new cops. Or several hundred thousand new Navy men, in case North Korea gets a little too antsy.

Mind you, however, this isn’t heartless, or some terrible thing that rich guys do to poor people. (Which is, honestly, the argument the Democrats are going to trot out. Be prepared for that.)

Because these cuts to social programs are only cutting one type of person – those who refuse to work.

Cuts to food stamps would be significantly larger than any previously attempted…and would achieve that goal through limited eligibility criteria and conditional work requirements.

In short, if you don’t work, you don’t eat.

Businessmen make good presidents.

Source: Daily Dot

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