The Feds Are Now Spending Taxpayer Money On Study That Could Forever Change America’s Identity

It’s a known fact that the federal government loves to waste money on studies. Usually these studies address things everyone knows to be true already.

Now it looks like the government really wants to waste thousands of your hard-earn dollars by studying something that is fundamentally understood by most people. That includes young children.

But you have no say in what this suspicious study uncovers, or how they will warp the information.

From Breitbart:

The University of Washington has received a $138,000 grant from the federal government to study the gender identity of four to six-year-old children.

The study, which will be conducted on over 200 four to six-year-old children, will explore themes of gender identity and socialization. The grant claims that researchers will use the funds to explore the “internal sense of gender” of the study’s subjects…

The study is being conducted to explore the “wider range” of gendered experiences taking place in the United States today.


The research will be conducted primarily by Kristina Olson and Selin Gülgöz of the University of Washington, who work with the university’s “TransYouth Project,” an organization that does research into the experiences of transgender youth.

Oh, the study is being conducted by a group called “TransYouth Project”? Then I’m sure it’s going to be fair, honest, and accurate!

Clearly this group of con-artists was able to bilk the government out of hundreds of thousands of dollars so they can craft a dubious study. That $138,000 means this group of “scientists” just got paid salaries for several years, so they can do nothing.

This study will most likely be used to back up warped, toxic views of the transgender community. Keep in mind that child psychology has been a thing for over 100 years. Real doctors and scientists have studied children, both male and female, and have discovered plenty.

What is this study supposed to discover that we don’t already know?

This is why so many Americans want to “drain the swamp.” We watch so much of our money get used for things we simply cannot endorse.

The battle is not over friends. Not by a long shot.

Source: Breitbart

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