Look Who Is Committing Thousands Of Felonies Right Now But Is Going To Get Away With It

DC is full of crooks. That’s no surprise. It’s why Trump wanted to Drain the Swamp.

What is surprising, though, is how much of it is actually going on. And how little everyone cares…mostly because everyone is doing the same thing.

It’s not uncommon in a big bureaucracy. When everyone inside benefits when a crime is committed, everyone will look the other way.

Even if it’s not just one crime, but thousands. After all, that’s how many people the government illegally hires each year.

The Daily Caller reports:

Bureaucracies have successfully evaded congressional budget oversight for years by illegally hiring contract labor to take the place of employees.

Bureaucracies commit thousands of felonies a day, misappropriating funds not approved by Congress and expanding agency influence at a time when government agencies should cut back.

If this doesn’t sound serious, well…it is. It just has to be fleshed out a little bit.

Nearly all US government agencies have a budget (of course), and the easiest way to meet that budget is to keep from hiring too many government employees.

Which, of course, makes sense…any new employee is going to be a drain on taxpayer money.

Now, let’s say I have a bureaucracy, and I want to look compliant with federal law. All I have to do is not hire anyone, and it looks like I’m under budget. But what if I take that extra money…and just hire outsiders to do the work of the employees I no longer have?

And what if – hear me out – I didn’t have to count that money against my budget, because I could classify those New Outside Hires as – wait for it – ‘personal services’?

(Hint: this is pretty much exactly how it works.)

Basically, I could expand my bureaucracy with taxpayer funds that weren’t meant to go to me, but that won’t be traced to me. All because I hired the extra guys under the ‘personal services’ umbrella. But that’s not even the best part.

The best part is that ‘personal services’ hiring is illegal.

But no one seems to care.

“Any federal employee who employs personal services may be terminated, fined, and imprisoned for up to two years. But remarkably, the prohibition on personal services is rarely recognized, much less enforced.

“While contracting for these services is contrary to the law, this practice has become so ubiquitous in government that it passes without notice.”

It’s no wonder Draining the Swamp is so hard.

Source: Daily Caller

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