What?! James Comey Was Planning On Pardoning Clinton Before He Even…

I think most of us will be happy once we never hear the name James Comey again.

But still, like a cockroach, he keeps popping up to spoil our day. This time around it has to do with his suspicious actions during the election. You’ll remember when he made a statement to the nation, exonerating Hillary Clinton, despite the laws she broke.

Now we know that he was planning on pardoning her all along, evidence be damned. New documents prove it.

From Daily Caller:

As FBI director last year, James Comey began writing drafts of a statement exonerating Hillary Clinton, even before all witnesses in the investigation — including Clinton herself — had been interviewed.

The Senate Judiciary Committee obtained the Comey memos as part of its investigation into his firing by President Trump, which occurred on May 9.

James Comey tells Congress review of additional Hillary Clinton ...

The revelation that Comey had begun drafting memos of his exoneration statement comes from transcripts of interviews given last fall by two FBI officials…

In a July 5, 2016, press conference, Comey said that he would not be recommending charges against Clinton for mishandling classified information despite her use of a private email server as secretary of state.

While the transcripts of those interviews are heavily redacted, they indicate that Comey started working on an announcement clearing Clinton in April or May of last year, before the FBI interviewed 17 witnesses in the case, including Clinton and some of her top aides.

While the email scandal may seem like old news for some, it still highlights the shady activities during the election. It was obvious the democrats were trying to steal the election from the American people.

They had their goons in the Washington, trying to pull the strings to prevent Hillary from facing the justice she deserved.

BREAKING: James Comey Just Went Against Loretta Lynch Officially

Despite the fact that she broke the law to set up an illegal email server, then lied about what documents she was sending, both the Attorney General and Comey wanted to pardon her. In the hopes that she could become president.

And they claim Trump was colluding!

This new revelation will certainly lead to more bombshells. Don’t be surprised if more heads will roll.

Source: Daily Caller

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