California Just Received ‘Something’ Special From Mexico That Americans Are Going To Want To Know About

We all know that a huge number of illegal immigrants from south of the border are in California.

The state has exploited illegal immigration to benefit liberals, politically. But now with Trump in office, this sick situation might come to an end.

Not if Mexico has anything to say about it! That’s why they sent someone very important to help out.

From Breitbart:

Mexico is sending a top cabinet-level diplomat to illegal alien-friendly California to help Mexican citizens living in the U.S. illegally avoid deportation in a post-DACA environment.

President Trump’s efforts to enforce immigration law and build a wall along the border have galvanized the Mexican government into action, and according to an Associated Press story, its top priority is to protect Mexican citizens living in the United States…

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Secretary Luis Videgaray is expected to meet Monday with Gov. Jerry Brown and state legislative leaders in California’s capital.

He will later head to Los Angeles to announce support for young immigrants whose protection from deportation is being terminated by Trump and meet with business and community leaders…

Despite acknowledging that DACA is an internal domestic issue for the U.S., Mexico has promised to lobby Congress for passage of a DACA-like bill, while handing out legal assistance to all DACA recipients who wish to remain in the U.S.

How terrible does your country have to be, to do this? Mexican diplomats are lobbying to help Mexicans stay in another country.

God forbid those Mexican officials work to, you know, improve conditions in their own country. Maybe root out some of that rampant corruption in your government? Actually arrest drug cartels that are slaughtering people? Or maybe work on improving your economy so there are jobs?

But no. Mexico’s only plan is to suck the U.S. dry. They want to ship their citizens to this country, in hopes that they send back reparations to Mexico. They’ve been doing that to the tune of billions.

You really have to wonder at the lack of integrity in Mexico. California democrats want illegals, because they can manipulate them for votes. But Mexico? What country wants to drive its people away?

My estimation is that this display will accomplish nothing. It only serves to prove how corrupt and despicable these leaders are.

Source: Breitbart

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