As Armed Man Holds Restaurant Up, Employee Asks Him 1 Question That Changes Everything

Let’s make this clear at the outset – don’t steal. Don’t rob anyone, and especially don’t do it with a handgun. That makes the charges much worse.

However, if you do decide to do these things, you should probably ask yourself a few questions. And if the answer to any of these is ‘no,’ swallow your pride and consider the following question:

Am I smart enough to pull off a robbery?

For example: ‘did I think to completely cover all my facial features?’ If ‘no,’ you might not be smart enough to pull off a robbery.

‘Did I think to use someone else’s car?’ If ‘no,’ you might not be smart enough.

‘Did I think to not rob the same place I worked for months, where people would recognize my voice? And did I think to not use my real name?’

If the answer is ‘no,’ then…you’re not smart enough to pull this off.

Poor Cleveland learned this the hard way.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

An armed robber gave himself away when he made a hilarious admission while robbing a fast food restaurant in Louisiana — and it had authorities crying with laughter.

Cleveland Willis walked into a restaurant wearing all black, including a black ski mask. He pointed a revolver at two restaurant workers and demanded cash, cursing before they handed him the $612 from the registers.

Nothing funny yet. Wait for it.

The employees noticed something familiar about the robber’s voice. Some of his facial features were visible through the holes in his ski mask.

And…here it is.

One of the workers just had to ask, “Cleveland, is that you?”

To which he reportedly answered, “No, it’s not me.”

I’m not suggesting any of you become criminals.

But if you do, and you do find yourself in a similar situation, the correct answer to this question is, “who the @#$% is Cleveland?”

Not ‘no, it’s not me.’

Willis reportedly left the robbery in a silver Nissan Altima, which happened to be the same vehicle he drove while working at the restaurant.


Also, make sure your getaway car isn’t the same car your victims see every single day.

Here’s the thing – no matter how dumb your original heist may have been…the charges, and punishment, will still be the same.

Maybe just don’t do it.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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