U.S. Military Base Put On Total Lockdown — The Reason Why Will Surprise You

Our military bases are some of the most vital stations in our country. They are also some of the most vulnerable.

Weapons and powerful tech are held on bases. Because of that, they have strict security measures to prevent danger.

But what happened at one Alabama base startled many and is still raising questions.

From Free Beacon:

An Alabama military complex was put on lockdown Tuesday following reports of an active shooter, but authorities lifted the lockdown in all but one building and said they do not believe there is an ongoing threat…

The Redstone Arsenal base’s Facebook page posted an update that only one building at the base is locked down, but beforehand it issued a standard “run, hide, fight” warning about a possible shooter.

Officials had said that an active shooter drill was planned for this week, but they have not said if this incident is connected. Redstone Arsenal spokesman Christopher Colster said that he was not sure what to say.

“I really can’t say at this point what happened,” he said. “I’m not sure myself.”

Facility spokeswoman Kim Hanson told CNN that authorities are “still working on confirming the situation.”

In recent years, military bases have been the scenes of horrendous killings. Active shooters—often military personnel themselves—have cost the lives of many American soldiers.

So, it comes as no surprise that even the rumor of a shooter would initiate a lockdown. Our military leaders cannot afford any casualties, nor can they allow infiltration by an enemy.

We are still learning about what transpired in Alabama. So far, there have been no reports of injuries or deaths. Nor do we know if a culprit is in custody.

But it’s clear something suspicious happened. Most likely there was enough of a threat to initiate a lockdown.

Hopefully more details will come to light and a potential criminal will be brought to justice.

Source: Free Beacon

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