He’s Out Of The White House! Who Will President Trump Replace Him With?!

President Donald Trump defied the odds to win the White House.

He’s continued to fight against the establishment by fulfilling his campaign promises. But every good organization needs changes from time to time. Staff that is not right for a job must be removed.

That is especially true in a presidency, when only the very best deserve to work under the POTUS.

So it comes as no surprise that Trump is removing a certain staffer from a highly visible post.

From Daily Wire:

As President Trump gets more used to the job, he is beginning to winnow out staff that he feels are not right for the job and bringing in others he is more comfortable with, in general, those who brought success to his presidential campaign.

The latest case in point is Mike Dubke, 47, President Trump’s communications director, who apparently offered his resignation on May 18. According to Mike Allen of Axios, Dubke said he would stay in his job through Trump’s trip overseas in order to restructure operation.

Allen reported that Dubke, who joined Trump’s team in mid-February, never worked successfully with those members of Trump’s team from the campaign who stayed with Trump after he won the presidency…

Dubke worked with White House press secretary Sean Spicer; his job entailed, among other things, the response to the firing of FBI Director James B. Comey. In late April, as the 100-day mark for the Administration approached, Dubke convened a conference of roughly 30 Trump staffers, speaking of how Trump needed a “rebranding,” according to Politico.

One White House official reportedly said,  “I think the president’s head would explode if he heard that.” Dubke also reportedly said that Trump had no coherent foreign policy, adding, “There is no Trump doctrine.”

Not a big surprise to learn this kind of man is leaving the administration. Donald Trump is a powerful and influential leader. For decades, he has created a successful business because he only has the best and the brightest working for him. It should be no different in the White House.

It’s obvious Dubke was not right for the job. With a presidency poised to make significant changes to our country, we need people with a certain kind of strength working with Trump. This is especially true when you realize how dishonest the media is, and how much they work to discredit the administration.

Rumors already abound over who will replace Dubke. Currently people are expecting David Urban to fill the spot, a man who helped Trump win Pennsylvania.

Regardless of who takes the job, he’s going to need a will of steel and complete loyalty to the President. Nothing less will do.

Source: Daily Wire

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