Look Who Just Resigned…Conservatives Across The Country Are In Disbelief 

It’s no big secret that a lot of top Trump advisors have quit, or been run out of office. But this latest one is completely unexpected.

Take a look at a quick rundown of the Trump associates that have been pushed out, either by jealous Republicans or typically angry liberals: Chris Christie. Mike Dubke. Sean Spicer. Steve Bannon, twice. Michael Short. Monica Crowley. Michael Flynn.

And, of course, Scaramucci, and Priebus. It’s a long list, and it doesn’t stop growing.

From the looks of it, things are pretty clear: anyone who works for Trump is a target. And the Angry Left is determined to force out as many Trump-helpers as they can.

And it might be why ultra-conservative hero Sheriff David Clarke decided to resign.

The Daily Caller reports:

David Clarke submitted his resignation as Milwaukee County sheriff on Thursday afternoon.

It is not yet clear why Clarke decided to resign. Milwaukee County clerk George Christenson confirmed the resignation but said that Clarke provided no details about why he is quitting mid-term.

Maybe no one really knows why he resigned. But I’ve got one helluva good guess. Because there’s one other great conservative I can think of that resigned mid-term, unexpectedly, and for no stated reason.

And Sarah Palin quit because the Liberal Left just wouldn’t leave her and her family alone.

Mind you, Clarke’s got thick skin. But it’s hard to do your job when you’re being watched 24/7 by a group of people who are looking for anything – anything – they can to pin on you, and call it a scandal. No matter how ridiculous it might be.

Case in point – the most recent ‘scandal’ involving Sheriff Clarke, if you remember? His senior thesis. Apparently, some of his quotes weren’t properly formatted and sourced.

Think that’s a joke? Just wait.

‘Blah blah blah,’ indeed. I couldn’t agree more.

Clarke’s resigning is a giant disappointment. Of all people, I had expected him to put up a bigger fight. Perhaps he simply didn’t think he could win. After all, the Left is gaining strength and power, and Trump’s conservative team is having a hard time holding on.

It’s a shame, and a travesty.

Source: Daily Caller

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