White Cop Quickly Pulls Over When He Sees Group Of Black Kids, Points At Them And It’s On

The left’s war on cops has made me fearful of any sentence with the words ‘police officer’ and ‘camera.’ It usually means someone’s life is going to be ruined in a flurry of rumor and judgment.

Judgment by, of course, none other than angry liberal Americans, none of whom have any experience serving a community or putting their life on the line several hours a day.

Cops are rarely understood, or given credit, or even respect. And if they’re caught in a misleading video, it’s nothing less than open season on them. It’s a rough life.

So it’s refreshing when a ‘cop caught on camera’ viral video appears…and no one is screaming for the cop’s badge, and head.

Even libs agree – this cop did the right thing. He danced.

What else are you supposed to do when neighborhood kids challenge you to a dance-off?

WPMI Alabama reports:

The jury is still out on who won an impromptu dance-off over the weekend between a group of children and a Prichard police officer.

Our hero today is Officer Casey Chumney, who stopped to investigate a gathering of small children and music in what may be the finest stop of his career.

“I had the music going because she likes to dance. And he stopped and he was like, ‘what ya’ll know about Soulja Boy? Ya’ll know how to crank that?’”

And just like that, a dance party ensued.

From the evidence available, the dance party itself ended in a draw. Officer Chumney was no dance slouch.

But the far more important part of the stop occurred afterward when Chumney did the one most important thing that officers can do to fight long-term crime: build relationships in the neighborhood.

And Chumney, it seems, is very good at that.

Officer Chumney spent about 10 minutes with her family before going back on patrol.

“After he got through dancing he let the kids jump off the porch into his hands. And he’d spin them around, took pictures with them.”

Pay close attention to this next part:

“Sometimes I get scared when I see police… But that right there touched me. The fact that he got out and played with them? You never see that.”

Exactly. You never see that.

But we need to remember that it happens.

Source: WPMI Alabama

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