SHOCK REPORT: Establishment Republicans Try To Sell Green Cards In Exchange For …

President Donald Trump is working hard to fulfill his promise to make America great again.

While he’s made great progress in recent months, there has been one huge road block: Congressional republicans. It seems his own allies in Washington are unwilling to cooperate fully with Trump’s plans.

Meanwhile they propose ideas that simply will not work. Their latest scheme seems incredibly ridiculous and will by no means pass.


From Breitbart:

A new proposal by a Republican lawmaker would sell United States citizenship to foreign nationals to fund the building of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico Border…

Under Rohrabacher’s proposal, the 55,000 Green Cards awarded to randomly-selected foreign nationals would be replaced by a system for those able to pay a $1 million fee…

Center for Immigration Studies Director Mark Krikorian told Breitbart Texas the plan was “absurd,” as it did not lower any legal immigration levels, thus not dealing with the concerns of Trump’s base when it comes to the immigration issue.

“Just because you have money, does not mean you’re going to become a better American,” Krikorian said in an interview. “Yes, you’re less likely to use welfare… but that’s not what this is all about though. That’s part of the issue, but not all of it…”

Immigration expert John Miano, told Breitbart Texas that Rohrabacher’s plan, like the EB-5 visa, creates a special pathway for wealthy foreigners without any requirement that they commit to the U.S.

“There’s something not right about grabbing the world’s rich people and bringing them to America,” Miano said. “They have no commitment to the country.”

The issue of immigration is complex, but it can have simple solutions. Building the wall is only one part of Trump’s plan. We want to welcome people into America who will love our country, not simply exploit it with their wealth.

This current plan is the perfect example of the established D.C. elite. They want to favor the super-rich, who do not care about America or our values and principles. It will attract people who want to increase their wealth, but will not support what we believe in.

“If you’re going to buy people off, you have to have people who are going to pick up the guns and defend the nation, not people who are trying to find the most secure place to keep their money,” Miano continued.

This plan stinks of special interests and globalism. It will not welcome good people into America, only rich elitists. The very people Trump was elected to fight.

Until republicans in Congress get on board with Trump’s vision for America, we still have a battle to fight. Until the D.C. swamp is drained, terrible plans like this will still be proposed.

Source: Breitbart

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