Public Schools Make SHOCKING Move Based On Teachers’ RACE, “Having A WHITE Workforce really doesn’t…

New York never seems to run out of ideas on how to screw up both themselves and the rest of the country.

And they just got a new one – forget whether or not your teachers can read.

(Warning – you might need to drink before you finish this particular story.)

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Just make sure they’re the same color as your students.

Clash Daily has reported that one of the basic literary tests given to new teachers in New York is coming under fire because a whole lot of minorities are failing the test.

Now, for any sane person, that would mean one simple thing – more people need to study before taking the test, or study further before retaking the test.

Because, naturally, you wouldn’t want to start teaching in a classroom without being able to read.

But according to the state of New York, that’s clearly not the reaction the rest of us need to have. Instead, we need to have a problem with the test. Not the people taking the test – the test itself.


Because – and I’m not making this part up – it’s more important to have teachers the same color as your students than it is to have teachers who can read.

Now’s the time to take that drink.

The literacy test raised alarms from the beginning because just 46 percent of Hispanic test takers and 41 percent of black test takers passed it on the first try, compared with 64 percent of white candidates.

A federal judge ruled in 2015 that the test was not discriminatory, but faculty members at education schools say a test that screens out so many minorities is problematic.

“Having a white workforce really doesn’t match our student body anymore,” Soodak said…

Normally, I start to worry about the aftereffects of an entire generation that can’t read.

A New York education task force raised concerns about the differential in teacher exam scores by race and ethnicity. It said the test hadn’t been properly assessed for potential bias. A public school on Roosevelt Island in New York.

But we’ve already seen what happens when an entire nation completely loses its ability to think critically – we get someone like Obama for 8 years.

Which led, of course, directly to the election of Donald Trump.

So, quite frankly, it can’t be all bad. Unless you’re in New York, and have a kid in their educational system.

In which case, may I suggest Hooked on Phonics?

Source: ClashDaily

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