Trump Said He Had No Tapes Of Comey, But Whistleblower Says ‘Someone’ Else Does

Donald Trump has stayed one step ahead of every fake scandal James Comey has thrown at him. And it looks like he may have been right, again.

(I find myself saying that about Trump a lot.)

Let’s recap: Comey offered to testify about Trump in public, and Trump suggested that there might be tapes of their conversations. Everyone wondered if Trump had recorded them.

He had not, but told Fox News that his suggestion that there were tapes was meant to keep Comey honest during testimony.

But, as it turns out, there might be actual tapes – just not ones made by Trump.

But certainly ones made by the NSA.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

One former National Security Agency whistleblower believes that Trump might well have more conversations with Comey on record than his statements let on.

In a Sunday interview, William Binney said it was “very likely, in fact, most probable” that the NSA had recorded phone conversations between the president and James Comey.

If the name William Binney doesn’t sound familiar to you, it should. He’s the guy who quit the NSA in 2001, because he thought the agency was violating the US Constitution with its eavesdropping on US citizens. He’s probably the most high-profile whistleblower alive behind Edward Snowden.

He’s highly critical of Obama. And he’s certain that the NSA has tapes of the Trump-Comey conversations.

And my guess is this: Trump probably knew that.

Binney laid out his case in a radio interview:

“It is very likely, in fact, most probable that NSA does have those tapes.

“I think you already have examples of it where you had conversations that President Trump had with the president of Mexico and also with Australia. All of those have been leaked.

“And the point is here, you see, I don’t know of any time that the president makes a phone call that is not encrypted.”

“So that means that the people who are intercepting the president have to be able to decrypt it. And the people who provide the encryption and the keys to the systems to be used are NSA.”

Trump made the claim about tapes for one main reason – he wanted to keep Comey honest.

But he didn’t have to have recorded the tapes himself. He could easily have made his Tape claim, knowing full and well that someone else was listening.

Trump may be right, again. And I’m impressed.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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