Senior Couple Just Made Their Life-Long Dream A Reality, Even Though It Took Them 40 Years & 645 Stops

If there’s one thing that keeps a marriage thriving throughout a lifetime, it’s shared interests. And this particular interest is rather unique.

Fact is, the easiest way for a relationship to end in divorce is through sheer boredom. That’s what leads to the bigger problems – infidelity, or financial mistakes, or any other larger reason for splitting up.

And let’s be honest – as much as we’d like to imagine that love is all you need, it isn’t. You also have to like doing the same things – hiking, swimming, reading, going out, or eating out.

Or maybe eating out at Cracker Barrel. Yes, it’s awful specific, but if it’s your thing, go for it. Or maybe go for it 645 times.

The Independent Journal Review reports:

Wilma and Ray Yoder — an 80-year-old Goshen, Indiana, duo — just finished their journey to visit every Cracker Barrel in the United States.

On Monday, the Yoders completed a 40-year trek that is sure to be the envy of many Southerners, stopping by the grand opening of the 645th Cracker Barrel in the United States at the Tualatin, Oregon, location.

For little farm kids, it’s been very exciting for us.”

A quick check of the math should tell you that this accomplishment took more than a couple of years. And a lot of travel, time, and money.

The Yoders, though, solved the last two problems at the same time – they worked as deliverymen.

[The couple] have spent their adult lives on the road, delivering RVs to dealerships and buyers. Ray Yoder said travel was “in our blood,” and Cracker Barrel was just “the best place to eat.”

“It took the boredom out of the highway, to eat there,” he said. “Because it was so much like home.”

Mind you, I’ve got favorite places to eat with my wife, but I can’t imagine the discipline it would take to map out several hundred locations, keep track of each one, and visit each one over several years.

Especially if the last one meant traveling out of your way by several hundred miles. That’s marital dedication.

Cheers to both of you, Mr. and Mrs. Yoder. And if I see you in Cracker Barrel, I’ll gladly buy you lunch.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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