Border Patrol Agent Is Relaxing On Much-Needed Vacation, Then He Spots Something Horrifying In The Water

Those who protect us from day to day, live lives of sacrifice and service. From police officers to the military, those who serve our country do so because they care about doing the right thing.

They may not be perfect; they’re just people after all. But they possess a kind of character that shines true, even when they aren’t on duty.

This can also be said of the brave men and women who serve as border patrol agents. Perhaps they have the toughest job of all. They work to protect the country from illegal immigrants, drug runners, and terrorists. They risk their lives every day. But often they are vilified by the disgraceful liberal media.

But they do their job, not expecting thanks in return. Simply because that is who they are: servants and heroes.

Even when they take off the uniform, they are the same. Such was the case of one border patrol agent. After taking some time off, and going to relax and have some fun with his wife, he didn’t hesitate to do the right thing.

From Breitbart:

A video captured the actions of a vacationing U.S. Border Patrol agent who jumped into the Comal River near New Braunfels, Texas, to rescue a young girl. The girl became trapped by the undertow current near a dam and appeared to be in danger of drowning.

Border Patrol Agent Adan Sanchez and his wife Delia went to the popular tubing river in New Braunfels for a weekend of relaxation floating on the Comal.

While taking a break near the New Braunfels City Tube Chute, he observed a young girl trapped at the base of the dam. The undertow repeatedly pulled her under the water, KSAT ABC12 in San Antonio reported.

“She could have drowned,” Sanchez told the San Antonio ABC affiliate. “She was going under. I think her feet were sideways, and she was just rolling and rolling. She’d come up and go back down…”

Sanchez moved toward the girl and observed her mother attempting to help her. “She grabbed a noodle, those floaty noodle things, jumped in,” Sanchez explained. “And someone started yelling, ‘Little girl’s drowning over there. Little girl’s drowning.’”

Unfortunately, the mother floated past the girl and was not able to help her. At the time, no park rangers were present to help, so Sanchez jumped into the water and pulled the girl free.

“Kind of hoping somebody would have done it if my child was drowning as well,” the Border Patrol agent expressed. “So, I don’t know. I just reacted. I just did it. I don’t know why. I just did it.”

Being stronger and larger than the little girl, Sanchez was able to grab her and break free from the current.

It appears this kind of danger was common in the past, until the city put up buoy markers to warn swimmers. But obviously, no system is 100% perfect. Even the best intentions can go array and people become endangered.

Local police officers explained this situation used to be a regular occurrence until the City put up warning buoys upstream. The markers are placed to warn people of the dangers of going over the top of the dam and re-direct them to the tube chute that attracts crowds of tubers.

It is no coincidence that Sanchez was able to effectively rescue the girl. As a border patrol agent, he is trained in rescuing people who are trapped in rivers. This is all-too common, as illegals often try to cross the border via rivers. Because of his skills and training, he was able to save this girl’s life.

Even though he was on vacation with his wife, Sanchez knew the right thing to do. His training helped him remain calm and take the right precautions, in order to rescue the girl.

He could have done nothing, he could have said it was someone else’s responsibility. But that’s not the kind of person he is.

Like most of our men and women in uniform, Sanchez understands the responsibility placed on his shoulders. They don’t serve because it’s a great way to get rich. They do it because they believe in protecting their neighbors, families, and friends.

That kind of character doesn’t get switched off, just because they are on vacation.

With all the hate police and border patrol agents get on a daily basis, we need to remind those we know that they are good people. They work hard and face danger, so we can be safe.

They deserve our utmost respect and admiration.

Source: Breitbart

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