Air Force General Makes Stunning Announcement About Preparing For A New War

The threats that face our country are many.

There is terrorism, at home and abroad. There are also traditional threats from enemy nations, in the form of invasion and airstrikes.

But there is a new frontier of warfare, one that can cripple us in an instant. In a recent meeting, our leaders announced they were preparing for just that sort of thing.

Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Air Force Gen. Paul Selva ...

From Free Beacon:

Air Force Gen. Paul Selva, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the Senate this week that the military is taking steps to improve its capabilities for countering and conducting information warfare — the use of cyberattacks and influence operations.

The Pentagon “must continue to improve its ability to exploit cyberspace as a pathway for information operations to affect adversary perceptions, decisions and actions in support of strategic ends,” Gen. Selva said in written policy statements to the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The four-star general testified at a nomination hearing for a second term as vice chairman.

In our modern day, enemy nations don’t need to fire missiles to destroy the United States. All of our major infrastructure is run by technology.

From the power grid to banks to government agencies and even roadway lights, everything is operated by sophisticated computer systems. Should those systems be infiltrated by an enemy agent, chaos can erupt.

Imagine if Iran or North Korea had access to our banking networks? Or if they could shut down our power grids? It doesn’t take a nuke to bring the U.S. to its knees—if they can undermine one of more of our networks.

This is even true for government and military systems. Should spies or enemy agents break into the Pentagon’s internal servers, who knows what they could learn?

Now more than ever warfare isn’t just waged on the battlefields, but online.

It’s up to our military to enhance their tools to protect and wage combat through technology. All the guns in the world don’t mean a thing, if our networks or undermined.

Source: Free Beacon

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