You Won’t Believe Who Got Kicked Out Of The Attorney General’s Office Over A Special Investigation

Every liberal screaming about Trump and the fired James Comey just got devastating news – Trump was right. Again.

If you missed it – and with the DC Baseball Shooter making the news rounds, that’s likely – liberals in Congress are trying to charge Trump with obstruction of justice. For firing James Comey, mind you, something he has every Constitutional right to do.

As evidence, libs are pointing out the fact that Trump and Comey sometimes had meetings in private. But while the Left is screaming about those private meetings, they’re not saying a word about another private meeting between the FBI director and a top politician.

And it’s none other than Loretta Lynch, Obama lackey and Hillary Clinton protector-in-chief.

(You can probably guess how many Democrats are calling for Lynch to be charged with obstruction of justice.)

Circa reports:

Ex-FBI Director James Comey has privately told members of Congress that he had a frosty exchange with Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch last year when he confronted her about possible political interference in the Hillary Clinton email investigation after showing Lynch a sensitive document she was unaware the FBI possessed, according to sources who were directly briefed on the matter.

Remember the sequence of events here.

James Comey was investigating Hillary Clinton and her use of a private server to talk about classified information. There’s no better way to give up state secrets – you’re just asking to be hacked.

Clinton wasn’t prosecuted, though. Lynch would have been the one to prosecute her. And the day before Hillary was let off, Bill met with Loretta Lynch privately.

James Comey had information about that meeting. And he confronted her about it.

What happened next is best quoted:

Comey…raised his concern with the attorney general that she had created a conflict of interest by meeting with Clinton’s husband, the former President Bill Clinton, on an airport tarmac while the investigation was ongoing.

He confronted Lynch with a highly sensitive piece of evidence, a communication between two political figures that suggested Lynch had agreed to put the kibosh on any prosecution of Clinton.

Comey said “the attorney general looked at the document then looked up with a steely silence that lasted for some time, then asked him if he had any other business with her and if not that he should leave her office,” said one source who was briefed.

In short – Lynch should be ready to prosecute Hillary. Bill meets with Lynch. Lynch doesn’t prosecute. Comey asks her why. Lynch kicks Comey out.

Given the libs’ attempts to bring down Trump, I’d say this fits perfectly well with their own definition of obstruction of justice.

But I wouldn’t hold my breath for any hearing.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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