World Bank Releases Mind Blowing Report: Shows Record $30.5 Billion US Dollars Is Going To…

$30 billion dollars will pay for an awful lot.

It’s the rough cost of all the houses that need repairing in Houston, after Hurricane Harvey.

Or the cost of restoring the homes and businesses in Puerto Rico. And given how hard it is to approve funds for repairs, any stash of $30 billion is a worthwhile find.

It’s a shame the funds are being used to prop up Mexico.

The Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump’s tougher immigration enforcement has reduced the flow of people heading north across the U.S.-Mexico border, but it has had no effect on the amount of money heading in the opposite direction.

Mexico is on pace to receive more remittances from abroad in 2017 than it ever has before.

‘Remittances’ is, of course, just a fancy word for ‘money sent across the border.’ It’s simple enough – Mexican migrant workers come to America, save their wages, and send it back to associates.

All $30 billion of it.

Mexico, which takes in more remittances than any other Latin American country, will likely receive $30.5 billion from the Mexican diaspora living abroad — 6.5 percent more than it did in 2016. About 95 percent of Mexico’s annual remittance haul comes from the U.S.

Think about what this means for a moment – one of the biggest pillars of the Mexican economy…isn’t in Mexico. It’s in the US.

And that’s not an exaggeration. “Mexico’s $27 billion in remittances far exceeded the value of its oil exports, which totaled about $18 billion.”

We are propping up our southern neighbor with labor and cash. And you can probably imagine what a problem this is.

Because, first and foremost, this money isn’t being spent in the states. It’s being spent on a government whose primary exports to the US are cartels and cocaine.

And that is ­_just_ not the kind of exchange that’s beneficial to this country. I’d much rather keep the $30 billion, and lose the drugs, thank you.

Of course, this is exactly why Trump champions a wall. And a creative way to tax $30 billion would certainly pay for one.

Alabama Rep. Mike Rogers introduced a bill that would levy a 2 percent tax on all wire transfers to Mexico, with the proceeds covering the costs of wall construction.

It’s a brilliant idea – make Mexico pay for the wall, with their own workers.

Donald Trump is a man of his word.

Source: Daily Caller

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