The President Was Right! Look Who Was Under Surveillance All This Time…

The common theme during the election was this: ‘Trump is offensive and wrong! Wait, maybe the Media just didn’t represent him well! Wait, Trump was right!’

It’s a tired song, but it kept playing all the way to the White House.

Fact is, almost every time Trump was ‘wrong’ about something, he turned out to be right. It happened over and over.

And it happened again – with Trump’s famous ‘wiretapping’ claim. Because at least one member of his team was being watched:

Paul Manafort.

The Daily Caller reports:

The bombshell report that U.S. investigators conducted surveillance against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort before and after the presidential election has touched off a debate over whether President Trump was correct when he claimed that his predecessor, President Obama, ordered his “wires tapped.”

I’m sure you remember – it was all over the Mainstream Media that ‘Trump lied. Obama can’t wiretap people – only the FBI can.’

But if you somehow forgot, here it is:

It’s simple, really – either Trump and his team were under surveillance, or they weren’t. You can call it ‘wiretapping,’ or ‘spying,’ or any word that just means good, old-fashioned surveillance.

So, then…was someone watching them, or not?

The answer is, overwhelmingly, yes.

U.S. officials probing possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government obtained a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant on Manafort at some point last year.

The surveillance lasted through early this year, when Manafort was said to still be in touch with Trump.

So…Trump’s team was being watched. Or at least Paul Manafort was. Because apparently a few people in the FBI really thought he was working with Putin to elect Trump.

Investigators picked up communications from Manafort which suggested that he might have encouraged Russian operatives to meddle in the campaign. Two of the network’s sources cautioned that the intelligence was inconclusive.

Now, maybe that looks bad – until you remember one thing:

Trump fired Manafort. (And replaced him with Kellyanne Conway – one of the best moves for his campaign.)

And early on, mind you. And for a reason that’s really important here – Paul Manafort didn’t report all his foreign ties in the way he was supposed to. You know, for people running a presidential campaign.

Once again, so we’re clear – the reason Manafort looks so suspicious? All that talking to Russia?

Trump fired him for that. So it’s hard to come up with some sort of ‘Russian Collusion’ conspiracy theory here.

But it’s easy to see something else: Trump was right, again. His campaign was being watched.

Source: Daily Caller

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