Brand New ISIS Video Leaks — Exposes How ISIS Fighters Are Training To Take Out Infidels With 1 Move

The most efficient and brutal martial artists will tell you one thing – you’re only capable of what you practice most heavily.

Which, when applied to ISIS, might well make you fall out of your chair.

It’s not rocket science – if you practice defensive moves, those will be the easiest for you. Punching, kicking? Those will come naturally. Shooting, targeting, and sniping? Thank God US forces have practiced those.

Getting kicked in the nuts?

Yes, thank God ISIS is practicing that.

I am – I promise – not making this up.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Islamic State’s Yemeni affiliate released a photo Monday of its new operatives getting kicked in the groin to prepare for combat.

There’s not a lot I can offer in the way of commentary here. The video says it all.

Yup. There it is, ISIS fighters getting kicked in the nuts.

Sadly, the nut-check isn’t the most pathetic part of the whole ordeal. It gets worse. Which, considering the humiliation here, is an impressive feat.

First, there’s the simple fact that these poor lads are being, and I quote, ‘prepared for combat.’ This brings to mind at least one puzzling question, namely: what god-awful form of combat involves getting kicked in the nuts?

Have ISIS thugs not realized the rest of the world uses guns, rockets, missiles, and drones?

Perhaps not.

But the most humiliating part of all this for ISIS – not that I’m complaining – isn’t the toes in the testicles.

No, the worst part is the name of the camp, and the sad end to ISIS that it predicts.

The photos were published of a new band of militants in Yemen. The training camp was named after former ISIS spokesman and agitator Abu Muhammad al-Adnani who was killed in a November 2016 drone strike.

Let that sink in. The training camp is named after an ISIS militant, killed by coalition forces. You get kicked in the crotch there.

Again, the camp where everyone gets kicked in the nuts is named after a guy that was defeated by a US robot.

It’s…just really hard to imagine how this situation is inspirational for anyone.

Except, perhaps, for us. Because now ISIS trainers are doing what all of us have long dreamt of doing.

Also, what all the women they’ve raped have dreamt of doing.

It’s just a pity that these men weren’t also wearing a dress.

Source: Daily Caller

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