Thug Sucker-Punches Cop During An Arrest, Instantly Regrets It When Back-Up Arrives

In today’s day and age, it’s all about the narrative. Facts are just collateral damage.

We see it happen all the time. A story gets put out there, and it’s taken as stone cold fact.

Somewhere along the way, additional details emerge to shed some more light on things. Unfortunately, the new light amounts to a hill of beans. The narrative is already out there, and it’s treated as if it were gospel.   

Many times, the narrative in question has to with interactions between members of law enforcement and those that have run afoul of the law.

Mad World News passes along another narrative that quickly falls apart upon closer inspection.

According to Jefferson County Public Schools spokeswoman Allison Martin, a school resource officer broke up a lunchroom altercation between two students, who were fighting over a pair of headphones at Jeffersontown High School on Wednesday, but when one of the students tried to attack the officer, the cop was forced to call for backup.

The situation escalated when the resource office tried to lead one of the students off campus and was subsequently attacked by the student’s brother and a few others.

The brother was apparently upset that his sibling was being arrested and led off campus, according to Jeffersontown Police Chief Ken Hatmaker.

The brother refused to listen to officers when they instructed him to calm down and go back to the school. Then, he “sucker-punched” one of the officers in the head and slammed him against a wall, according to The Maven.

As the narrative formed, the fact that the officer was attacked was absent.

It was presented as if the officer simply went ballistic on a student for no reason whatsoever.

In response, the officers used force in order to subdue him, but of course, video footage if the incident has been grossly edited to make it appear as though the officers were using excessive force with the student for no good reason.

The footage doesn’t show the student striking the cop or slamming him against the wall, which justifies the officers tasing and subduing him.

Do you suppose the public record has been corrected to reflect the fact that the officer had no choice but to subdue a violent individual?

Perhaps it’s been tried, but it really doesn’t matter. The narrative is out there, and it fits in oh so neatly with other stereotypes that the media and the Left have been perpetuating for years.

You can check out the video below, and also join us in wondering why our world has changed into such a bizarro world with such relative ease.

Source: Mad World News

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