Warships Spotted In NATO Waters — Look Who Sent Them!

It’s less than five months into Trump’s presidency, and he’s already facing more potential wars than any president in history. And another just added to the pile.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, is one of those Cold War leftovers that Trump, and many others, have questioned many a time on the campaign trail. Simply put, we’re not sure if we need it anymore. And if we do need it, we need to have everyone contributing equally. None of this ‘the US pays for everything and provides troops, and no one else lifts a finger’ nonsense.

Still, NATO allies are still allies. And a threat against one of them is a threat against all of them.

And who else but Putin would be bold enough to make such a threat? Because he’s got his warships no less than four miles off the coast of a NATO power.

That’s a big deal.

(Oh, and I should mention…NATO was formed specifically to combat Communist Russia during the Cold War. That’s kind of important. Putin and his comrades are the reason NATO exists in the first place.)

The Conservative Tribune reports:

Three Russian warships armed with long-range cruise missiles have been spotted in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Latvia, in what appeared to be a challenge to President Donald Trump, Europe and NATO.

The Latvian Army posted to its Twitter account that the Russian ships Liven 551, Serpukhov 603 and the Morshansk 824 were seen in the sea on Sunday. Newsweek reported that the ships were as close as four nautical miles from country’s coast.

If ships off the coast of a foreign country doesn’t sound like a big deal, it is. Russian ships – or Russian planes – getting really close to an old Cold War enemy is, basically, the same as North Korea conducting a nuclear test. It’s a way to see how your enemies will react to a show of force.

It’s a test. And if you don’t react with strength, you lose. And Russia, or North Korea, is free to do more, and push the envelope a little further.

It’s no secret that Obama’s failure to act on North Korea helped the Korean situation get this far.

But Russia’s provocations are new. Putin is clearly testing Trump.

Trump already has a warship in the area. Putin is going to lose this test.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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