You Won’t Believe Which U.S. Ally Just Admitted They’ve Been Spying On The White House For Years

All the talk, Fake News, and hype around Russian spying and hacking has obscured one very important thing – sometimes, your real enemies are hidden in plain sight. And no one suspected this country would be an enemy of the US.

Let’s talk spying – every country does it, and every country lies about it. It’s a given that Russia is spying on the West, and that we are spying on her. But spying on allies isn’t the same.

It’s costly, and it can lead to huge PR problems…which are also costly. There’s a chance you’ll be cut off from the other country’s intelligence network, which is also costly — better to have others spying for you than yourself.

It’s a wonder, then, that one of the most financially brilliant countries in the world is busy spying on the US, its ally – Germany has some explaining to do.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

What is perhaps even more troubling [than Russian hacking] are new reports that Germany, an ally of the United States, allegedly spied on the White House for many years.

According to an exclusive report from Der Spiegel, the German publication was shown documents proving that between 1998 and 2006 the German intelligence agency, BND, spied on hundreds of targets in the United States, ranging from universities to the White House.

If this report is true, it is highly unlikely that this spying was an accident since it spanned much of the federal government.

Now, let’s be blunt – there’s no way that this was an accident. Spying on this scale simply doesn’t happen unless the government approves it.

It also shows a little something about how liberal most of Europe is becoming. Check the dates – Germany wasn’t spying on the US when Obama was president. It was almost all W. Bush.

Which is to say nothing of the hypocrisy of Angela Merkel herself, who pretended to be deeply offended when Trump suggested that both he and Merkel were being spied upon. As usual, Trump was right. We just didn’t know how right he was.

After all, Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel is very famous for her line, “Spying among friends, that isn’t done,” after it was revealed that the National Security Agency was spying on her.

European liberal snobbishness, as usual, is shown to be the hypocritical pile of crap that it is.

It shouldn’t be any wonder why most of us only trust Trump.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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