Two Punks With Guns Try To Rob Store, But The Owners Had ‘Something’ Special Waiting For Them

The 2nd Amendment is the greatest protection that Americans have for their lives and liberty. But it needs one key ingredient to work.

And this is one of the few times I’ve ever seen people succeed without it.

Today’s story will unfold like most other Personal Protection stories we’ve told. Some thug or group of punks tries to rob a store. They threaten the owner. The owner pulls a gun. And, quickly realizing that the owner means business, they flee, hoping to find easier targets.

It’s a story repeated countless times among American business owners. But it only has a happy ending because of one thing: the business owner carries a firearm.

Because guns, of course, are the key ingredient for the 2nd Amendment. If you don’t have the gun, the best you can do is just jump the robbers, and hope you don’t get shot.

Which is exactly what the two owners do in today’s story. No guns. Just sheer bravery, and a lot of luck.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

Two punks who tried to escape a robbery gone bad found out the hard way what happens when people decide they’re not going to be victims.

[Cellphone store] owner Khurrum Monga said he and his son thought there might be trouble when two suspicious-looking men walked into his store.

“You could see the backpacks and instead of pulling a phone out, he pulled a gun,” Monga told the station.

Now, if this were our average tale, this is the point at which our business owner would reveal his firearm. But Monga and son don’t have one.

So they do the next best thing.

When the gunman hopped over the counter, Monga’s son jumped the robber and Monga quickly followed suit.

That’s correct. They see a thief with a gun, and they jump him anyway.

These guys have to be the gutsiest small business owners of all time.

And it gets worse. Because when one thief has a gun, it’s a good bet that the other does, too.

The second robber then pulled a gun and pointed it at the men in the scuffle, [but] didn’t do anything. The first thug made his way toward the door while his buddy watched.

The buddy did point his gun at Monga and his son, but that did not stop the father and son from attempting to subdue the punk.

Eventually, the two men escaped.

We need the public's assistance in identifying two robbery suspects. They went into a store in the 3400 block of S. Cooper Street to commit the offense. We do NOT recommend that you try and fight off armed robbers. These clerks got very lucky that they were not shot or killed. If you recognize either one of these suspects, please contact Detective Houchin at 817-459-5301.

Posted by Arlington Police Department on Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The lesson here is this: sometimes, Americans just don’t want to be robbed. And they won’t be, no matter how uneven the scales.

But I still feel like a Good Samaritan should buy Monga a firearm.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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