Whoa: Trump Stabbed In The Back…By One Of His Own!

Democrats are out to get Donald Trump. That is just a fact we have to live with, even though we don’t like it. But, what about those who should be on Trump’s side, like Republicans. We shouldn’t have to worry about any of them right?

You may not think that you have to worry too much about members of the Republican Party having it out for Trump, but think again. There are a good amount of Republicans who are not happy about Donald Trump being elected president. And they intend to do everything they can to show it.

Right Wing News reports: McCain has made it clear that he intends to vote against the nomination of ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson for Trump’s Secretary of State. He is wary of Tillerson’s “cozy” relationship with Russia and Vladmir Putin.

When asked about his vote, McCain sarcastically replied, “Sure — there’s also a realistic scenario that pigs fly.”

Sounds pretty bad, doesn’t it? Having one of your own stab you in the back is bad enough, but it gets worse.

It turns out, however, that McCain isn’t the only one who is planning to oppose the nominee.

That’s right, there are other Republicans who are choosing to oppose Trump on his Secretary of State nominee. And surprise, surprise they are none other than South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

Donald Trump has some huge obstacles to overcome as president, even from within his own party. But if anyone can succeed with haters surrounding him, it’s The Donald.

Source: Right Wing News

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