Look Who Could Be The First To Go If North Korea Strikes The U.S.

If you’re feeling concerned, but safe, after hearing all the news about North Korea, stop. Your fellow Americans are in danger.

The threat of North Korean nukes might not reach Middle America, of course. Or the East Coast, or Texas, or any of the states that went hard-core for Trump in November.

But we often forget about one state in particular – a series of islands, smack-dab in the middle of the Pacific. And Hawaii is worried that they’ll be the first to go.

And they’re starting to prepare for war.

Defense One reports:

[Hawaii] is asking the Department of Defense to help it prepare for a nuclear attack, amid escalating tensions between the United States and North Korea.

North Korea is “steadily getting closer to deploying a working ICBM with a nuclear warhead.” Once they’re successful, a North Korean ballistic missile could reach Hawaii in less than 20 minutes, meaning officials would likely have little time to alert residents.

Now, state lawmakers in Hawaii have formally asked the Department of Defense to help with nuclear disaster preparedness in the state. Such plans haven’t been updated at the local level in decades, since 1985.

This is a bad mix no matter how you look at it – a mad dictator, a huge pile of nuclear weapons, a pile of disaster plans that are hopelessly out of date, and a large collection of isolated and frightened American citizens.

Yeah, sure, they’re liberal, but I honestly feel for them at this moment. If war comes, they’ll be the first victims.

Hawaiians are preparing as best they can, by updating their disaster preparedness plans with the government. This includes figuring out the best places to survive nuclear fallout, and stocking up on supplies, which – according to Defense One – mostly expired in the mid-80s.

In short, shelter, canned goods, and updated plans. But there’s one other thing working in Hawaii’s favor – Donald Trump.

North Korean leadership is perceived as notoriously unpredictable, especially in the Western world.

But United States President Donald Trump has his own reputation for being inscrutable and impulsive, qualities which international security experts say he is likely to leverage against North Korea—and as a way to distinguish himself from the Obama administration, which Trump perceives as having been “indecisive and entirely predictable in policy” is, ironically enough, a lot like the leader of North Korea.

In short, ‘we aren’t weak like Obama, and we’ll do what we have to do. Don’t call our bluff.’

Trump, in a sad twist of fate for liberal Hawaiians, might just be their savior, and precisely because of the trait that they hate most – saying whatever is on his mind, whenever he wants.

And it just might make North Korea back down.

Source: Defense One

(ISIS must be destroyed.)

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