Shock Report: You Won’t Believe What Liberal Is Warning His Employees About His Retirement

Donald Trump’s legacy just got news that might overshadow everything he’s done for the country so far. And it’s good news.

It’s no secret that one of the reasons Trump won by such an impressive electoral margin was, in a word, SCOTUS. Whoever the next president was would nominate several Supreme Court Justices, not least of which was the empty seat waiting after Scalia’s passing.

Trump already did the country a service by nominating Neil Gorsuch. And now, with today’s news, he might get the chance to do it again. Because Justice Anthony Kennedy is truly, honestly, getting ready to retire.

The Daily Caller reports:

Justice Anthony Kennedy has quietly relayed the serious prospect of his retirement to several applicants for positions in his chambers, telling job-seekers that he may depart the Supreme Court before their term of employment begins.

NPR’s Nina Totenberg reports that Kennedy has made applicants for clerkships in his chambers aware that he is considering retirement. The justice has hired clerks for the 2017 term, which will convene in October, but has made no hires for the ensuing 2018 term.

That Kennedy may depart the bench in the near future is not news. He is 80 years old and has let slip certain signals indicating retirement is a strong possibility.

Still, his reported candor with potential clerk-hires — young-professionals who are essentially strangers — is a rare tangible development on a subject largely characterized by rank speculation.

It’s difficult to overstate how big this is. Even though, if you recall, we’ve been hearing rumors of it for some time. But those rumors have always been refuted by Kennedy himself.

But it’s hard to refute the rumor when you’re a new clerk, and you’re being told by your boss that you might need to find a new job at the end of the next term.

And, let’s face it – Kennedy has had a long, long career. It’s time.

And his voting history tells us a lot about how the Court will look once he’s gone – and it’s very, very good news indeed.

Kennedy voted liberal in almost all the major Supreme Court cases of the Obama regime – gay marriage, gun control, and religious freedom. And in many cases, his was the deciding vote.

Remove Kennedy, and you remove most of the terrible decisions of the past eight years. Replace him with a true conservative, and you’ve set the country on the road to success for the next thirty years.

Thank God we have Trump, and not Hillary, to appoint someone.

Source: Daily Caller


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